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Diamonds are Forever (1956 Novel)

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Diamonds Are Forever (James Bond (Original Series))

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‘Diamonds are Forever’ Synopsis

A global network involved in illegal diamond transportation has emerged, piquing the interest of the British Treasury. In an attempt to unveil the mastermind behind this operation, Bond assumes the identity of a courier named Peter Franks. As Bond infiltrates the criminal organization, he unexpectedly forms an alliance with Tiffany Case, an attractive American woman with a mysterious past. Although Tiffany serves as the intermediary for the syndicate within the United States, in actuality, she’s nothing more than another brick in the wall. However, she’s Bond’s best bet at identifying the hidden leader of the operation, who goes by the initials ABC.

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James Bond infiltrates an illegal diamond network as courier Peter Franks, teaming up with Tiffany Case to unmask the syndicate leader.

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