Die Another Day (2002) Movie Summary

Die Another Day begins with James Bond meeting North Korean army officer, Colonel Moon, about a terrorist named Zhao. Plans go awry when the Koreans discover Bond is a British agent. They capture him, and torture him for 14 months. Eventually, the two nations exchange prisoners, and they return Bond to the motherland.

MI6 believes the torture cracked Bond, and he gave information that led to many agent’s deaths. They relieve him of his OO status. On a lead, Bond heads to Cuba to clear his name where he meets U.S. agent, Jinx. He then returns to Britain where the billionaire, Gustav Graves, has made a satellite with a mirror! Of course it has a beam of solar light that can heat any part of the world…for peaceful purposes.

Bond discovers the the mirror is actually a “laser” that will destroy anything the North Koreans want destroyed. So, Bond teams up with Jinx, and the two save the day from the mighty North Koreans; clearing up his good name in the process.

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