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Escape from NY (1981)

Episode #121

Embassy Pictures released Escape from NY to theaters on July 10, 1981. John Carpenter directed the film starring Kurt Russell, Lee Van Cleef, and Ernest Borgnine.

Escape from NY Movie Summary

It’s 1988 and the national crime rate has spiked by 400% in the United States. The island of Manhattan has been revamped into a National Maximum Security Penitentiary. This prison is surrounded by a Donald Trump inspired 50-foot containment wall, a unified United States Police Force, and land mines meant to blow away anyone who tries to escape via the bridges connected the various New York bureaus. All prisoners who enter the penitentiary receive a life sentence and are never allowed to come out alive.

Flash forward to 1997, where the National Liberation Front of America has taken control of Airforce One and plans to take the President of the United States (POTUS) hostage. The POTUS, who eerily resembles Ernst Stavro Blofeld, without the pussy cat, successfully escapes from Airforce One when he is shit out of the aircraft in a giant red egg. Unfortunately, this giant red egg cracks open inside of the previously mentioned Manhattan National Security Penitentiary. There, the POTUS is captured by the penitentiary’s kingpin, “The Duke New York.” (Is it me or does The Duke sound just like “Chef” from South Park? I’m sure it’s just me!)

The New York Police Commissioner, a former spaghetti western assassin, decides to send a recently arrested prisoner into Manhattan to rescue the POTUS. This prisoner is none other than former high school quarterback and Elvis impersonator, “Snake” Plissken. Snake was a Special Forces operative, who earned two Purple Hearts and numerous metals during World War III. He must glide his way into the prison and save the POTUS within 23 hours, or two microcapsules will explode in his neck, killing him. If successful, Snake will be granted a full pardon for his crimes and…allowed to live.


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Embassy Pictures released Escape from NY to theaters on July 10, 1981. John Carpenter directed the film starring Kurt Russell, Lee Van Cleef, and Ernest Borgnine.

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