Exit to Eden (1994)

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Detectives Fred and Sheila investigate some murderous jewel thieves, a young photographer, and an island mistress when they all arrive together on the fantasy island of Eden. While Fred assumes the role of mild-mannered island maintenance man, Sheila goes undercover as a dominatrix… and she quickly finds herself thigh-high in studs and leather with a personal slave-boy to fulfill her every whim. The two do their best to keep their covert mission a secret and uncover more than just the truth.

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‘Exit to Eden’ Movie Summary

The summary below contains spoilers.
Exit to Eden (1994)As a young boy in Melbourne, Australia, Elliot Slater would run around his house and get into trouble, simply to receive a firm spanking from the big breasted maid who ran his household. Little did Elliot know, this type of discipline would be the catalyst for a lifelong sexual fetish. To help deal with his obsession, Elliot decides to travel to a fantasy island off the coast of Mexico, appropriately named Eden, and become a human sex toy.

Prior to hopping the ship to Eden, Elliot, a professional photographer, snaps a picture of Omar, a notorious diamond smuggler who has operated in anonymity during his entire career. Omar and his supermodel sidekick, Nina Blackstone, vow to hunt down Elliot and prevent this photo from being seen by anyone, especially law enforcement officials.
Speaking of law enforcement, two Los Angeles police detectives, Sheila Kingston and Fred Lavery, successfully arrest one of Omar’s diamond couriers at a local strip club.

The courier and diamonds are seized, thanks to Sheila posing as an erotic dancer and making her moves at the right time. However, Omar and Nina witness the arrest from backstage then expedite their mission to track down Slater and hide out from the police, who are hot on their trail. During their investigation, Sheila and Fred learn from the courier that Elliot shot the photo of Omar and the crime boss is planning to travel to Eden to execute the Aussie. Unbeknownst to everyone, Omar, Nina, Fred, and Sheila all ride on the same plane to Eden and begin a game of cat and mouse.

Elliot arrives at Eden as part of a group of “citizens” who will help the guests explore their wildest sexual fantasies. Slater immediately catches the eye of Eden’s head mistress, Lisa Emerson. Lisa is a dominatrix and master instructor at the BDSM vacation resort. Due to Elliot’s penchant for being an individualist and not following Eden’s rules, Lisa decides to educate Elliot.

The dominatrix shows Elliot that he shouldn’t hide from his feelings and be vulnerable. Lies ties Elliot up with some ropes, then spanks his bare bottom with a hair brush. Elliot’s childhood fantasies rush back, allowing him to experience an extraordinary level of gratification and affection for Lisa. To repay his master, the sub orally pleasures Lisa, who is restless from dealing with her own repressed feelings.

As Lisa and Elliot gradually fall for each other, Fred and Sheila evaluate their own sexual proclivities and prejudices while surveilling Omar and Nina. Fred questions his mundane sex life, which may be leading to a divorce from his wife, while Sheila rebuffs the sexual advances of Tommy, a “citizen” who would love to fulfill Sheila’s deepest fantasies. However, the only action Sheila experiences is during a dominatrix on dominatrix wrestling match she has with Nina Blackstone.

While both are done their finest leather bustier, the women bump and grind on each other until Fred and Sheila are able to make an arrest. Unfortunately, Omar learns of Nina’s capture and chases after Lisa and Elliot, who have traveled to New Orleans for a romantic getaway.

While in the “Big Easy,” Lisa and Elliot explored the local cuisine, historical real estate, and each other’s sexual dreams. After making love in the bedroom of a traditional southern school house, the couple is confronted by Omar. The jewel thief is keen to kill Elliot, but has a fight on his hands from the couple. After Omar is unarmed by Lisa, he almost kills her by tossing off a balcony. However, Lisa and Elliot are both saved by the dynamic duo of Fred and Sheila, who shoots Omar before arresting him.

Fred and Sheila lock up all of the criminals then move on with their respective love lives. Fred invites his wife to New Orleans to vibrate their love affair. Sheila reconnects with Tommy, who is a corporate CEO when not working as a sex slave, and they share their first kiss. Elliot returns to Eden, ties himself up in Lisa’s bedroom, and then successfully proposes marriage to the dominatrix. The couple proves, once and for all, that love is the most rewarding sexual fantasy.

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Savoy Pictures released Exit to Eden on October 14, 1994. Garry Marshall directed the film starring Dana Delany, Dan Aykroyd, and Rosie O'Donnell.

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