Godzilla vs. Megalon (1973)

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An inventor brings to life a humanoid robot named Jet Jaguar, only to have it taken captive by the undersea nation of Seatopia. Utilizing Jet Jaguar as their beacon, the Seatopians dispatch Megalon as an act of retribution for the nuclear tests that have wreaked havoc upon their society.

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‘Godzilla v Megalon’ Movie Summary

The summary below contains spoilers.
Godzilla v Megalon (1973)The year is 1971, a second series of underground nuclear testing is conducted, near the Aleutian Islands, sending shockwaves and waking up all of Monster Island in the South Pacific. The island is cracked open under a number of the monsters, sending them to the depths of the Earth, while Godzilla narrowly escapes the scientific disaster.
The nuclear testing also pissed off Seatopia, a million year old, undersea civilization, and their ruler, Emperor Antonio. The Seatopian ruler retaliates by releasing a giant beetle with a Christmas tree star on its forehead, called Megalon, to destroy the surface world.

Meanwhile, an inventor, Goro Ibuki, takes his young brother Rokuro to Lake KIttiyama for an afternoon of riding their fish shaped paddle boat. Goro and his friend, Hiroshi Jinkawa, are forced to save Rokuro’s life when the Seatopians begin by drying up the lake and allowing a crack to form at the bottom, where Megalon will be released. The trio retreat to Goro’s home and laboratory when they are attacked by Seatopian mercenaries. Goro and Hiroshi realize the pair of bad guys are trying to steal Jet Jaguar, a humanoid robot Goro had been building. However, the Seatopian agents are chased off by the good guys, with Hiroshi in hot pursuit.

Rokuro is briefly kidnapped by the Seatopian henchmen and used to get back into the laboratory. The Seatopians steal control of a recently completed Jet Jaguar so they can build up an army to help destroy all land-covered civilizations along with Megalon, who has now reached Earth’s surface. As Goro, Hiroshi, and Rokuro fight with the Seatopian soldiers, the Seatopian commander takes full control of Jet Jaguar. The robot is used to guide Megalon during its attack on Tokyo. The Japanese military, per usual, are significantly outmanned by the creature and cannot stop Megalon from destroying a giant dam. Goro, who fights for and regains control of Jet Jaguar, establishes a plan to use his mechanical creation to request the help of GODZILLA.

As Japan’s Defense Forces are destroyed by Megalon, the Seatopian Emperor learns he has lost control of Jet Jaguar and requests help from the Space Hunter Nebula M aliens. The alien creatures send Godzilla’s arch rival, Gigan, to assist Megalon. Jet Jaguar returns from Monster Island and battles Megalon, while Godzilla swims his way to Tokyo. Jet Jaguar uses his defense mechanisms to grow to the same gigantic size as Megalon and the two titans begin an epic one on battle. Suddenly, Gigan arrives on Earth and the heels team up to beat on Jet Jaguar like a volleyball.

As Jet Jaguar gets beaten down like a government mule, Godzilla arrives to even up the odds. Gigan and Godzilla battle one versus one, until Gigan bloodies the King of all Monsters with his rotary saw. Meanwhile, Jet Jaguar battles with Megalon, until the sea creature decides he wants a piece of Godzilla. Godzilla is able to keep Megalon at bay, but is injured by Megalon’s lazer beams. Megalong and Gigan begin attacking the baby faces with fireballs and surround them with a burning ring of fire. Jet Jaguar flies him and Godzilla out of the fire as Godzilla begins shooting the bad guys with his atomic heat beam.

A wounded Gigan says Sayōnara and heads back to outer space. Jet Jaguar gets a hold of Megalon and Godzilla begins to hit the sea creature with a series of flying drop kicks. Godzilla then slams Megalon with his tail until Seatopian’s creature flees back underground. The victorious team of Jet Jaguar and Godzilla shakes hands before Godzilla returns to Monster Island. Jet Jaguar returns to his normal size and leads his human friends back to his home laboratory.

The End.

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The Toto Company released Godzilla v Megalon on March 17, 1973. Jun Fukuda directed the film starring Katsuhiko Sasaki, Hiroyuki Kawase, and Yutaka Hayashi.

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