Hellbound: Hellraiser II (1988)

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Film and Plot Synopsis

Having escaped the clutches of Pinhead and the demonic Cenobites, Kirsty Cotton awakens to finds herself detained at the Channard Institute, a hospital for the mentally ill. But her torments are far from over – the chief doctor at the institute is determined to unleash the powers of Hell to achieve his own twisted ends.

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‘Hellbound: Hellraiser II’ Movie Summary

The summary below contains spoilers.
Hellbound: Hellraiser II (1988)A long time ago, in a mysterious military bunker far, far away, we encounter a British soldier, Elliot Spencer, playing with his gold Rubik’s Cube. After solving the puzzle, the Brit is magically transformed into everyone’s favorite pincushion, the lead Cenobite, “Pinhead.”

Flash forward to a mere hours after the conclusion of the original Hellraiser film, Kirsty Cotton, the final girl who survived the Cenobites and the advances of her perverted Uncle Frank, is admitted into a psychiatric institution. Kristy gets introduced to the headshrinkers in charge of her care, Doctors Channard and MacRae. Channard, who secretly worships the gold Rubik’s Cube, aka the Lament Configuration, gets a woody while listening to Kristy recount her experiences with the Cenobites and the hell they put her through. The much younger Dr. MacRae just gets a woody from checking out Kristy. Kristy begs the doctors to destroy the bloody mattress her wicked stepmother, Julia Cotton, died on, preventing the evil bitch from making a hellacious return.

The sick, twisted, Dr. Channard arranges to have the bloody mattress brought to his home office then proceeds to con a mentally ill patient to cut himself open with a straight razor, while lying on the mattress. Rehashing the evil magic we witnessed in the original S&M film, the patient’s fresh blood erects a skinless figure, which we later learn is Julie Cotton. The skinless Julia, like Frank Cotton in the original film, escapes the hell dimension controlled by the Cenobites, much too Dr. Channard’s delight. Unbeknownst to Channard and Julia, Dr. MacRae has broken into Channard’s office to confirm Kirsty’s wild story about the bloody mattress pad and watches Julia come back to life. MacRae races back to Kristy to confess his findings and repressed sexual fantasies to her. (Okay, I lied about the sexual fantasies part, but I’m confident those were his original intentions.)

Speaking of sexual fantasies, Dr. Channard, who must be overdosing on Viagra, is aroused by the advances of the skinless Julia Cotton. Doctor Death begins feeding Julia with more and more blood from his mentally ill patients, allowing Julia’s pasty white skin to eventually reform.

Instead of taking Kristy to a hotel and examining her skin, Dr. MacRae drives Kristy to Dr. Channard’s home so they can examine Channard’s Lament Configuration and his Cenobite trading card collections. While Kristy learns about Pinhead’s mortal history, MacRae runs into a mysterious woman who pretends to be escaping Channard’s red room of death. Unfortunately for MacRae, the pasty woman turns out to be Julia, who murders him and uses his blood to become fully regenerated. Kirsty finds her deceased suitor in Channard’s bedroom of death and gets knocked unconscious by her born again stepmother.

Dr. Channard kidnaps one of his patients, Tiffany, a young girl who has an extraordinary ability to solve puzzles, and forces her to unlock the Lament Configuration, allowing him and Julia to enter the Cenobite’s demon realm. The Leviathan, a gigantic diamond shaped entity, orbits the demon realm, omitting black beams that cause Dr. Channard to relive the egregious actions he committed against his patients in the maintenance department. Julia believes the Leviathan is the “god of flesh, hunger, and desire…the Lord of the Labyrinth” and wants to use its powers to fulfill her own dastardly agenda. Julia betrays Channard, sacrificing his soul to the Leviathan, converting the demon worshiper into a newly minted Cenobite.

Kirsty uses a Lament Configuration cube to track down the Doctor of Death and her evil step monster, but is cut off and surrounded by her old friends, the Cenobites. Pinhead allows Kristy to take a stroll through the demon world, but warns her that she will eventually experience all kinds of pleasure through pain. Kristy and Tiffany find their way to the house where Kristy’s father was killed. There, Kristy finds her worst nightmare, her perverted uncle, Frank Cotton. The sex crazed Frank wants Kristy to be a part of his own private hell and tries to seduce his niece AGAIN! Kristy is miraculously able to resist her dirty uncle’s advances and begins torching his lair.

Just as Frank’s private hell begins to fall apart, he is reunited with his former lover, Julia. Julia gets revenge on Frank for stabbing her to death in the first movie. Julia rips out Frank’s heart as Kirsty and Tiffany flee. Julia attempts to stop the duo but is killed and ripped out of her skin by a vortex that opens up within the Labyrinth.

Soon after, Kirsty and Tiffany are attacked by Channard, who has completed his Cenobite transformation. As the girls flee, they are cornered by Pinhead and his Cenobite gang. Kirsty uses a picture of Pinhead as a human to soften the Cenobite leader’s attack. However, this delay allows Cenobite Channard to kill Pinhead and the three other Cenobites, returning them into their human forms as they die.

Cenobite Channard traps Kirsty and Tiffany in the Labyrinth. While Channard tries to finish off Tiffany, Kirsty dons Julia’s skin and distracts Channard. Tiffany finds and solves the Lament Configuration, killing Channard and closing the doorway to hell. The girls finally escape through the mental hospital, where all of Channard’s patients are found dead. Kirsty and Tiffany walk away, hoping to live a normal life.

Our film concludes with two moving men removing Dr. Channard’s belongings from his home office. One mover is sucked into the bloody mattress while the other watches a pillar of souls rise from the mattress. The cricket eating vagrant, who turned into a demon at the end of the first film, asks the stunned mover, “What’s your pleasure, sir?” We won’t know the answer to that question until Hellraiser 3.

The end.

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New World Pictures released Hellbound: Hellraiser II on December 23, 1988. Tony Randel directed the film starring Doug Bradley, Ashley Laurence, and Clare Higgins.

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