The Number Two Review

Howard the Duck (1986)

Episode #9

Directed By: Willard Huyck
Starring: Lea Thompson, Jeffrey Jones, and Tim Robbins

Howard the Duck 30-Second Summary

Somewhere floating in the vacuum of space lies the planet Duckworld, and on this planet lives your average, run-of-the-mill duck named Howard. One night, while reading his latest copy of Playduck (he is a subscriber after all), Howard gets zapped out of his living room, and hurled light years away to the planet Earth; landing in Cleveland, Ohio. That’s what I call a double whammy!

There he meets struggling musician, Beverly Switzler. The two form a bond, and Beverly agrees to help Howard get back to his home planet. Coincidentally, her friend Phil works for the men who accidentally brought Howard to Earth. They begin to help him out, but when the telescope explodes during the prep to send Howard back, the main scientist, Dr. Jenning, gets possessed by a Dark Overlord of the Universe. The ensuing explosion from this accident causes Howard, Beverly, and Dr. Jenning to flee the police.

As Dr Jenning’s body is fully taken over by the Dark Overlord, he drags Beverly back with him to be the host body for the other Dark Overlords he’s going to bring to Earth, and one mighty struggle for humankind begins. Will Howard stop the Dark Overlord? Will he save Beverly, and will he get back home to finish reading that Playduck article?

We’ve got the answers for you, but will you want to hear them?

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