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Interstellar (2014)

Episode #104

Paramount Pictures released Interstellar to theaters on November 7, 2014. Christopher Nolan directed the film which starred Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway, and Jessica Chastain.

Interstellar Movie Summary

Sometime in the near future, the planet is reeling from environmental disaster. War has reduced the population, and a crop disease called blight threatens to starve humanity to death. Joseph Cooper, a former pilot for NASA, and a widower, raises his two children with his father-in-law on his farm. A ghost haunts his daughter, Murphy, whom they call Murph. She thinks the spook lives in her room behind her bookcase. One day after an intense dust storm, a disturbance in gravity leaves a series of lines on the ground. Cooper investigates and realizes that the lines are coordinates.

Cooper and Murph follow the coordinates to a secret NASA facility. There they find artificially intelligent robots, a bunch of scientists trying to launch giant spacecraft, and Dr. Brand, Cooper’s former professor. They learn that a wormhole appeared mysteriously near Saturn some years ago. NASA sent a group of scientists through the wormhole to try and find habitable planets where they can relocate humanity. If they can’t relocate humanity by launching the entire facility into space, plan B is to restart the human race with a warehouse of embryos and a whole lotta love.

They plead with Cooper to pilot the spaceship that will follow up on the former scientists in the wormhole. He agrees, given the imminent threat the humanity on earth. He takes Murph home and breaks the news to her. She takes it poorly, and Cooper has to leave her crying in her room.

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Paramount Pictures released Interstellar to theaters on November 7, 2014. Christopher Nolan directed the film which starred Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway, and Jessica Chastain.

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      1. I did like this movie when I saw it in 2014, but as Patrick said there are a lot of problems. He briefly mentioned it, but it seemed odd the way the movie made it all about the father/daughter bond and gave his son such short shrift. Made it hard to connect on an emotional level they wanted you to have if the man seemed to only care about one of his children. And they even tried to make the son sort of a villain at one point(where he bizarrely didn’t want to give his own children medical treatment, punched topher grace in the face) Nolan is a good director, but pretty bad writer, especially with dialogue. Seems to be a pattern in most of his films. Probably why Dunkirk is so good, there is almost no dialogue.

        1. I’d agree with that (although I have not seen Dunkirk, yet). Memento is my favorite of his films closely followed by The Prestige.

          1. I haven’t seen it, but Shane A liked it…and I think we will do occasional Concessions. We are planning on reviewing The Life Aquatic for it later this month.

          1. Well that is a surprise, might be the darkest film she’s picked. Wonder if she likes heavens gate:)

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