Male Bonding

Live and Let Die (1954 Novel)

Episode #50

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‘Live and Let Die’ Synopsis

While not inherently superstitious, James Bond finds himself unsettled when confronted by Mr. Big. This individual, a merciless gangster hailing from Harlem, wields voodoo as a means to dominate his criminal domain, all while serving as one of SMERSH’s prominent American operatives. Operating as such, Mr. Big has orchestrated the smuggling of British pirate treasure from a secluded Jamaican island to New York, with the profits flowing to Moscow. Assisted by Solitaire, an enchanting and enigmatic Creole fortune-teller in Mr. Big’s employ, as well as his long-time associate Felix Leiter, Agent 007 is tasked with uncovering the crime lord’s hidden lair, disrupting his illicit activities, and reclaiming the pirate fortune for the benefit of England.

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James Bond, not typically superstitious, is unnerved by Mr. Big, a Harlem gangster who employs voodoo to control his criminal empire and works for SMERSH. Mr. Big smuggles British pirate treasure from a Jamaican island to New York, sending profits to Moscow. Assisted by Solitaire, a mysterious fortune-teller, and his ally Felix Leiter, 007 must find Mr. Big's hideout, halt his operations, and recover the treasure for England.

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