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The Lost Boys (1987)

Episode #110

Warner Brothers released The Lost Boys to theaters on July 31, 1987. Joel Schumacher directed the film starring Jason Patric, Corey Haim, and Kiefer Sutherland.

The Lost Boys Movie Summary

Michael and Sam move with their mother, Lucy, to Santa Carla, California; the murder capitol of the world. That’s where Lucy’s dad lives, and he loves it! Grandpa’s a bit strange, but then most who live in Santa Carla are.

On their first night there, Michael gets a hard on for Star who dances provocatively on the boardwalk. The boardwalk is littered with missing people posters because Santa Carla is the murder capitol of the world.

Star has a boyfriend named David. He’s the leader of a biker gang, and the one responsible for Santa Carla being the murder capitol of the world.

Meanwhile, at a nearby comic book store, Sam meets some geeky brothers named Edgar and Alan who are vampire hunters. They tell Sam he needs to read up on vampire hunting books because he may need its advise someday.

David takes Michael back to their hideout where they play the old vampire “your eating maggots” trick on him. They then get Michael to drink blood from a bejeweled wine bottle. To celebrate, the vampires all jump off a bridge. What would you do if all your friends jumped off a bridge? Listen to your mom’s advise? Nope! You’d jump too, and become part of the gang.

The next day, Michael wakes up in his bed; alone, blood thirsty, and sensitive to sunlight. He attacks Sam like a 1980s producer on a casting couch, but his dog, Nanook, cock blocks him. Sam realizes Michael is transforming into a vampire.

When Michael’s vampire powers begin to grow, he asks Star what’s happening to him. Steamy sex is her reply. Lot’s of clouds are involved. It’s magical.

Sam, Edgar, and Alan deduce Michael isn’t a full-blooded vampire yet since he hasn’t killed anyone, and can save him by killing the head vampire. The question is, who’s the head vampire? They will only have 24 hours to solve this mystery.

David provokes Michael to kill so his journey to the dark side can be completed. He takes Michael to the beach, and munches on some fluffy locals partying by a bonfire. This grosses out Michael, and he returns to Sam for help. Star then shows up, and reveals she’s only a half-vampire too, and wants out.

Eventually, Michael leads the boys to the vampire’s hideout where the Two Coreys look to nail some grown men…with a stake through the heart of course. When they take out Bill S. Preston, Esq, it wakes the rest of the gang. They manage to escape with Star and a boy named Laddie. They head back to the house to arm themselves with vampire-killing weapons and booby traps in a way-too-brief 80s movie montage.

That night, the gang attacks the house, and the boys kill all of them but David. David attacks Michael, and Michael manages to impale David; killing him, but Michael, Star and Laddie do not transform back. David wasn’t the head vampire, but who is?

Sam and Michael’s mom, Lucy has been dating Max, and the two of them return home from a date. Max tells the gang that he plans on making Lucy a vampire to be the mother to his vampire-boys. As Max goes in for the neck bit on Lucy, Grandpa drives his jeep into the house, and a wooden stake impales Max; killing him. Michael, Star and Laddie transform back into humans.

Grandpa then grabs a cold one from the fridge, and says “One thing about living in Santa Carla I never could stomach; all the damn vampires.”


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