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Moonraker (1955 Novel)

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‘Moonraker’ Synopsis

In the midst of post-World War II tensions and the Cold War era, the enigmatic tale of Sir Hugo Drax unfolds. Despite his success with the Moonraker missile defense system, which has earned him admiration, Drax’s influential stature hides a web of secrets that endanger not only his reputation but the nation’s security. When suspicions arise about Drax’s integrity, MI6’s head, M, initiates an investigation. James Bond, M’s trusted agent, delves into Drax’s world to uncover the truth, leading him through opulent circles and the Moonraker base. Bond’s investigation reveals Drax’s hidden motives and a sinister plan involving the missile system, driving him to a climactic confrontation to thwart disaster.

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Amid post-WWII tensions and the Cold War, the enigma of Sir Hugo Drax emerges. Despite acclaim for Moonraker missile system, his influence conceals perilous secrets. MI6's M assigns Bond to unveil the truth, delving through opulence to reveal Drax's sinister agenda, culminating in a high-stakes showdown.

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