Nice and Friendly (1922)

Film and Plot Synopsis

Originally intended as a wedding gift for Lord and Lady Mountbatten, this Charles Chaplin short film is a stream of consciousness crime comedy where the Little Tramp incorporates his unique brand of comedy and The Kid himself, Jackie Coogan, to tell the story of a group of thieves who steal a pearl neckless from a wealthy couple.

‘Nice and Friendly’ Movie Summary

The summary below contains spoilers.
In Nice and Friendly, a wife (Edwina Mountbatten) sits in a bench when she suddenly receives a bouquet of flowers. She is joined in the garden by her husband (Louis Mountbatten) who sent her the flowers. The two are very much in love. They return to their home together. However, their home is being cased by Picking Pete (Frederick Neilson) who enters the home with a gun and tries to rob the couple of the woman’s pearls. While Pete is in the house, the husband and his friend (Robert T. Thompson) take the couple’s young son (Jackie Coogan) outside to play against the child’s will. They wrap him in a blanket and leave him on the lawn.

Meanwhile, the woman leaves the house pursued by Pete and his accomplices. Her husband having been knocked unconscious inside, she arms herself with a handgun, but she is disarmed by another robber (Stephen Pell). She gets away from that man, but she is soon grabbed by Nora “The Nip” (Eulalia Neilson), who steals the woman’s pearls after she faints. While the robbery is going on, the husband’s friend watches and tries to stop the robbery. Nora is aware of the man and pulls out her gun. The man gets away and goes to alert the husband. They run to where the robbery occurred in the garden, but the wife is no longer there.

The three crooks are now joined by another woman (Sarah Pell) and they force the now conscious wife back inside the residence. The husband goes to help his wife but finds that he is locked out of the house. Needing help, the husband and his friend summon the Tramp (Charlie Chaplin) to help stop the thieves. The Tramp proceeds to investigate. He goes to enter the house, summoning a hammer out of thin air. He hits each one of the crooks on the head until they all lie unconscious on the lawn. The husband and the friend lie each of the crooks down on the lawn next to child who is still lying motionless underneath the blanket. In addition to knocking out all the crooks, the Tramp also knocks out all the staff of the house.

With the criminals incapacitated, the Tramp and the husband and wife walk off together.

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Accidental Film Company released Nice and Friendly in 1922. Charles Chaplin driected the film starring Charles Chaplin, Jackie Coogan, and Edwina Mountbatten.

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