Pillow Talk (1959)

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Jan Morrow, an interior decorator, and Brad Allen, a womanizing composer share a telephone line which leads to clashes as Brad monopolizes it for his romantic pursuits. Brad, intrigued by Jan’s voice, pursues her incognito as the Texas rancher, Rex Stetson. Complications arise when Jan’s friend, Jonathan Forbes, also falls for her, unaware that he’s befriended Brad.

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‘Pillow Talk’ Movie Summary

The summary below contains spoilers.
Pillow Talk (1959)Doris Day takes on the role of Jan Morrow, a self-sufficient interior decorator in the mid-twentieth century. Despite her contentment, the main disruption in her life is her flirtatious neighbor who monopolizes their shared party telephone line. This neighbor, played by Rock Hudson and named Brad Allen, is a charming Broadway composer known for his womanizing ways. Jan’s complaints to the phone company fall on deaf ears until Brad, with his persuasive charm, manages to negotiate a deal with Jan to use the phone during alternate half-hours.

Meanwhile, Jan is pursued by her wealthy client and friend, Jonathan Forbes, who is also a close friend of Brad’s. Jonathan confesses his deep love for a woman he has proposed to, unaware of Jan’s lack of interest in a romantic relationship with him.

The plot thickens as Brad, having never met Jan in person, encounters her at a nightclub and decides to woo her by faking a Texas accent. Jan falls for Brad’s ruse, thinking him to be someone else named Rex, not realizing he is also the lothario neighbor. Brad uses this deception to make Jan trust him even more, creating a web of romantic entanglements.

As Jonathan becomes jealous of Jan’s new love interest, he hires a private detective to uncover Brad’s identity. Furious to discover the truth, Jonathan compels Brad to go to his Connecticut cabin to finish composing songs. However, Brad turns the tables by inviting Jan to accompany him.

The couple enjoys a blissful time at the cabin until Jan discovers the truth about Brad’s dual identity. Heartbroken, she begs Jonathan to take her home, refusing to forgive Brad. Jonathan, relishing in Brad’s misfortune, witnesses the broken-hearted state of his friend.

Desperate to win Jan back, Brad seeks the help of Jan’s maid, Alma, a fan of his from eavesdropping on the party line. Alma suggests hiring Jan to redecorate Brad’s apartment, knowing Jan won’t refuse if it means losing a commission. Seeking revenge, Jan designs an outrageously gaudy bachelor pad, angering Brad upon its completion. In a surprising turn of events, Brad carries Jan in her pajamas through the streets of New York, revealing his intention to marry her.

The story concludes with a reconciled Jan and Brad, with a love song playing in the background. In the final scene, Brad plans to inform Jonathan about their upcoming baby, only to be intercepted by an OBGYN who mistakenly believes Brad is pregnant.

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Universal Pictures released Pillow Talk on October 6, 1959. Michael Gordon directed the film starring Rock Hudson, Doris Day, and Tony Randall.

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