Planet of the Vampires (1965) Movie Synopsis

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Planet of the Vampires (1965)Planet of the Vampires begins when two ships, the Galliott and the Argos, receive a S.O.S from an uncharted planet called Aura, they set sail to help. Once close enough to the planet, an unseen force takes control and crashes the ships.

The two crews wake from their ordeal only to have alien creatures possess them, and force them try to kill one another. Somehow Captain Mark Markary of the Argos resists the mind control, and saves his crew. Unfortunately for the crew of the Galliott, they kill themselves in a bloody fight.

Captain Markary’s little brother, Toby, is one of the dead on the Galliott, and the Argos’ crew buries him and the others in shallow graves outside their ship. When they go to retrieve some dead bodies locked inside the Galliott’s bridge, they find the bodies missing.

With repairs needed to fix their ship, the crew waits. Tiona, a crew member, freaks out when she sees one of the corpses rise from the dead, and she freezes with fright.

Captain Markary realizes the danger his crew is in, and he has them work twice as hard to get the repairs done to their ship. While they work, crew members mysteriously begin disappearing or dying. Markary believes nobody will survive the planet.

Crew member Wess explores the planet, and soon discovers the wreckage of an ancient spaceship. When Markary and Sanya explore it, they find the monstrous-sized skeletons of its former crew. The ship traps the two inside it, but they escape.

Eventually, two “deceased” crew members of the Galliott show up at the Argos to steal the ship’s Meteor Rejector device as theirs was damaged. One member escapes with it, but Captain Markary captures the other, and he exposes himself as an alien who possessed the dead body.

The alien further reveals that the ships were lured to the planet so they could take over the crew’s bodies, escape the dying planet, and head to the human’s home world to repopulate. Captain Marker tries to stop them by stealing back the Meteor Rejector, and leaving them on the planet.

Captain Markary and his remaining crew members manage to retrieve the rejector, and destroy the Galliott. In the process, everyone is killed except for Captain Markary, Sanya, and Wess (who was left back to finish the repairs on the ship).

The Argos takes off with the three, but Wess quickly discovers the aliens have actually possessed Captain Markary and Sanya. Wess tries to stop them, and breaks the Meteor Rejector. He dies from electrocution in the process. Now with a damaged ship, Markary and Sanya set sail for the nearest planet. They find a blue planet in the system of Solaris called Earth.

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