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Rear Window (1954)

Episode #97

Paramount Pictures released Rear Window to theaters on September 1, 1954. Alfred Hitchcock directed film which starred James Stewart, Grace Kelly, and Wendell Corey.

Rear Window Movie Summary

Adventurous photographer, LB Jeffries, sits in his wheelchair after breaking his leg while photographing a racetrack accident. “Jeff” stays in his own Greenwich Village apartment while he heals. His only entertainment: to watch the neighbors live their lives around their shared courtyard out his back window. Jeff is bored, and as proverbs says, “Idle hands are the devil’s workshop; idle lips are his mouthpiece.” Jeff begins to voyeur in on his neighbors, passing judgment on their “normal” lives that he so looks down upon.

One night, Jeff sees one of his neighbors, Lars Thorwald, leave his apartment repeatedly during a thunderstorm during the middle of the night. The next day, he notices that Thorwald’s bedridden wife has suddenly disappeared. Jeff begins to suspect the most gruesome of ends for Ms. Thorwald, and convinces his beautiful socialite girlfriend, Lisa Fremont, of his point of view. The pair attempt to convince Jeff’s insurance company nurse, Stella, and Jeff’s friend, New York City Police detective Tom Doyle that a murderer is living across the courtyard from the injured photographer. But nobody wants to believe the Peeping Tom and his high society girl.

Ultimately, did Thorwald kill his wife? If he did, how do Jeff and Lisa prove it? And what will the somewhat loving couple do to find out? And if Thorwald didn’t kill his wife, are the real criminals really Jeff and Lisa? The answers to all these questions comes at the end of Alfred Hitchcock’s Rear Window.


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