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Retro Men’s T-Shirts from our Favorite 80s Movies

For all the lovers of Retro Men’s T-Shirts and movies from the 1980s, MHM has some great finds for you and the film fanatic in your life.

Alien–USCSS Nostromo

Build better worlds with the Weyland-Yutani Corporation in this Alien shirt. The Goozler’s USCSS Nostromo retro vintage style monster tee puts their logo right where a Chestburster will explode! This one is available in many colors including blood red.

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USCSS Nostromo

Back to the Future–Emmett’s Custom Autos

Go back in time without spending all that energy on 1.21 gigawatts of power with American Classics’ Back to the Future Emmett’s Custom Autos tee. No grease stains on these vintage babies! So make like a tree and get one today.

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Emmett's Custom Autos

The Goonies–Never Say Die

If you’re going to do the Truffle Shuffle, then you really should do it in your own Goonies T-Shirt. Ripple Junction’s Goonies Captains Wheel Tee makes it all possible. Available in pirate black or charcoal grey, this shirt will bring out the spirit of adventure and the swashbuckling pirate in all of us.

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The Goonies

Friday the 13th–Camp Crystal Lake

For those of you who have always wanted to show your Camp Crystal Lake pride, but didn’t have a way to do it, now’s your chance. Crazy Dog T-Shirts makes a Friday the 13th themed tee for the slasher fans at heart. The gray print is distressed just enough to make it look like you’d had the shirt since Jason returned to that camp.

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Camp Crystal Lake T-Shirt

Blade Runner–Tyrell Corporation More Human Than Human

Have all the police after you with this vintage (or is it real) Blade Runner T-Shirt. Go All Out Screenprinting’s Tyrell Corporation More Human Than Human tee is human on the outside, but all digital on the inside. Wear it to bed and find out if androids do dream of electric sheep.

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Blade Runner–Tyrell Corporation More Human Than Human
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