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Revenge of the Nerds (1984)
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Revenge of the Nerds (1984)


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Nerds, Gilbert Lowell and Lewis Skolink, are bright-eyed freshman at Adams College. They are ready to put the torment of high school behind them and grab some collegiate poonany. Little do they know, life on campus won’t me much different from what they have come from. They are taunted by the Alpha Beta fraternity and kicked out of their freshman dorm after the dumb jocks burn down their own house. Horndog Lewis develops a crush on Betty Childs, a popular sorority girl and the girlfriend of the movie’s villain. To protect themselves from these threats, the boys start a nerd fraternity and quickly turn the tables on the Alphas.

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  • You guys crack me up. How about some horror?

    • Matt

      Thanks. We hope to have some slasher flicks reviewed in time for Halloween.

  • Nice work, I think you’ve got a FRUSH.

  • Good episode, but if you are going to mark an episode as explicit, shouldn’t it be explict. You still bleeped everything What the hell? I thought you guys had finally grown some balls.