Male Bonding

Roger Moore: In Remembrance

Episode #39

Male Bonding says thank you to Roger Moore for being the James Bond of our childhood. While his version might look dated next to Daniel Craig’s, he influenced a generation of young 007’s with humor, grace, and dignity.

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7 years ago

The first bond film I saw was octopussy in 1983, when it was released. I was a big fan of Star Wars and raiders at the time and had never even heard of bond. after looking at the poster I was fairly skeptical that I would like it, it seemed like a boring film for adults, not little kids. I was on vacation with my parents and was sort of dragged along to it. It ended up blowing my mind with its non stop action and I became a lifelong bond fan from that day forward. I soon saw most of the bonds on the ABC Sunday Night Movie(they seemed like a big event at the time)
I’ll always think of roger Moore as a big part of my childhood.

7 years ago
Reply to  Eddie

My dad liked to watch the Bond films. I still remember watching ‘The Spy Who Loved Me’ in at the drive in. Because of the HBO loop, I’d say I’ve seen ‘For Your Eyes Only’ as many times as Star Wars. Roger Moore is right there with Luke, Han Solo, Indiana Jones, etc from my childhood.

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