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Skyfall - Theatrical Poster - Courtesy of Sony PicturesIn 2012’s Skyfall, we see Bond and a female agent chase an assassin, Patrice, through Istanbul. Patrice has stolen a hard drive containing the identities of all MI6 agents, and agents of British allies. Bond chases him to a train. When they fight atop the train, the other agent takes a risky shot and hits Bond. Patrice escapes.

Back in London, everyone assumes Bond is dead. While Bond is out, MI6 is attacked with a gas explosion, and their computers are hacked. Bond returns to action and chases leads before the hard drive is decrypted. Bond finds Patrice is Shanghai and intervenes just after Patrice assassinates a man. Bond takes a casino chip from Patrice and goes to cash it in. He meets Severine there, who agrees to take Bond to his employer, on the condition that Bond kills him.

Severine takes Bond to an abandoned island. There he meets Severine’s employer, Silva. Silva is a former MI6 agent who has it in for M. Silva has the hard drive and successfully decrypted it, leading to the murder of several agents. Silva shoots Severine just as MI6 arrives to take Silva into custody.

With Silva in custody at MI6, Q tries to decrypt Silva’s laptop, only to allow a virus into the MI6 network. Silva escapes and heads off to kill M at a hearing before a committee of parliament. Bond pursues and manages to thwart the assassination attempt.

Bond decides they need to get out of town to get an advantage against Silva. They head to his family’s estate, Skyfall. With the help of Kincade, the old gamekeeper, they wait for Silva and ambush him. Bond destroys the house to defeat the attack. Silva catches up to M at the chapel on the property and begs M to kill he and her together when Bond shows up and puts a knife in his back. M, however, was shot in the attack and bleeds out in the chapel.

Back at headquarters, the agent who shot Bond on the train takes Bond’s advice to eschew field work and takes a seat at the desk outside M’s office, introducing herself as Eve Moneypenny.

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