Spies in Disguise (2019)

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Lance Sterling is a super spy working for H.T.U.V. (Honor, Trust, Unity, and Valor). The scientist assigned to his munitions is Walter Beckett, Sterling’s complete opposite. Sterling does not much care for Walter’s peaceful way of spying and fires him. However, when Sterling is framed for stealing a top-secret drone by the villain Killian, Sterling must turn to Walter for help. Unfortunately, Sterling is turned into a bird after he drinks one of Walter’s secret formulas. Now, Sterling must not only clear his name but do it as a bird.

‘Spies in Disguise’ Movie Summary

The summary below contains spoilers.
Spies in Disguise (2019)H.T.U.V. (Honor, Trust, Unity and Valor) is a secret worldwide organization created to stop terrorism. H.T.U.V.’s top agent is the cocky Lance Sterling (Will Smith). Sterling’s latest assignment is to recover an attack drone from Japanese arms dealer Katsu Kimura (Masi Oka) before it falls into the wrong hands. As soon as the drone’s buyer, a cybernetically enhanced terrorist named Killian (Ben Mendelsohn), arrives, Sterling breaks in against the orders of his boss, director Joy Jenkins (Reba McEntire). Sterling defeats Kimura and his gang and manages to escape with the briefcase containing the drone. When he returns to H.T.U.V. headquarters, Sterling confronts scientist Walter Beckett (Tom Holland) for equipping nonlethal weapons into his suit. Walter tries to convince Sterling that there is more peaceful way to save the world. Sterling disagrees with Walter’s approach and fires Walter before he can explain his newest invention, biodynamic concealment.

Shortly afterwards, Sterling attends a meeting with Jenkins to debrief his mission. However, they discover that the briefcase is empty. Sterling is immediately confronted by Marcy Kappel (Rashida Jones), an internal affairs agent, who accuses Sterling of being a traitor and reveals footage of Sterling leaving with the drone. In reality, Killian used a holographic disguise to steal the drone. Sterling tries to convince everyone of his innocence, but when no one buys it, he escapes H.T.U.V. and decides to track down Walter to help him disappear. At the same time, Killian breaks into H.T.U.V. weapons facility.

At Walter’s house, Sterling unknowingly ingests one of Walter’s newest concoctions and transforms himself into a pigeon. Before Walter can begin making an antidote to transform Sterling back, Marcy and the other H.T.U.V. agents begin chasing the pair around the city. Walter and Sterling escape by using Sterling’s spy car. Once they shake Marcy’s group, Sterling and Walter track down Kimura in a resort in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. They learn that Killian is in Venice, Italy just before Marcy and the H.T.U.V. show up to capture them. They escape once again and make their way to Venice. Along the way, Walter makes attempts at an antidote, but fails each time.

Once in Venice, Walter is confronted by the H.T.U.V. who fail to recognize Sterling due to his bird shape. Marcy tells Walter that she knows about his mother, Wendy (Rachel Brosnahan), who was a police officer who died on duty. Marcy tries to convince Walter to help turn in Sterling, but Walter refuses. Suddenly, a drone distracts the H.T.U.V. team which allows Walter and Sterling to escape. They eventually discover the drone carrying the H.T.U.V. agent database.

Walter manages to retrieve it. However, Killian arrives and takes the database. Killian prepares to kill Walter, but hundreds of pigeons called by Walter distract Killian and allow Walter to get away. Killian takes the holographic shape of Sterling once again and escapes the H.T.U.V. team. Marcy sees that this version of Sterling possesses a robot hand and begins to question if she is after the right man.

Walter and Sterling use a submarine. Walter reveals that he planted a tracking device on Killian and uses it to locate him at the weapons facility. Walter also manages to perfect the antidote and turns Sterling back into a human again. The duo arrives at Killian’s hideout, but Sterling is concerned for Walter’s safety, so he sends him away in the submarine. Sterling proceeds to confront Killian by himself, but he is knocked unconscious and captured. Killian reveals that he has mass-produced hundreds of drones and plans to target everyone at the agency using the database. Killian reveals that he is seeking revenge for his crew being killed in a past mission that was led by Sterling. Walter tries to return in the submarine, but Killian destroys it. Walter survives with the assistance of one of his inventions, the inflatable hug.

Walter frees Sterling. The pair escape from Killian’s lair and contact Marcy for support. At the same time, the drones approach the H.T.U.V. headquarters in Washington D.C. While Sterling, Marcy, and the rest of the H.T.U.V. team take on Killian, Walter attempts to hack into Killian’s bionic arm to take control of the drones. Killian realizes Walter’s plan and attempts to escape with the help of a drone. Walter grabs onto Killian and is taken up into the sky. Walter successfully hacks Killian’s hand and shuts down the drones. Killian and Walter drop from the sky, but Walter saves Killian by trapping him in his inflatable hug device.

Walter freefalls towards the Earth. Sterling, now once again a bird, tries to grab ahold of Walter to save him. He is joined by several other pigeons who slow Walter’s decent and allow him to land relatively safely on the ground. Killian is found and arrested by the H.T.U.V. team. At the H.T.U.V. headquarters, the army of drones crash powerless on the ground.

A few days later, Sterling and Walter are fired from H.T.U.V. again despite saving the world. However, they are abducted by Marcy and the H.T.U.V. team a short time later. Walter is offered a new top-secret job as H.T.U.V. wishes to adapt Walter’s more peaceful ways of battling villainy. Walter agrees with the sole condition that Sterling is part of his team.

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20th Century Fox released Spies in Disguise on December 25, 2019. Nick Bruno and Troy Quane directed the film starring Will Smith, Tom Holland, and Ben Mendelsohn.

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