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  • SummariesA Christmas Carol (1999)

    A Christmas Carol (1999)

    Film and Plot Synopsis In one of the most critically acclaimed adaptations of the classic Charles Dickens’ tale, George C. Scott plays Ebenezer Scrooge, a cold-hearted businessman who hates Christmas and looks down upon anyone who celebrates it. However, when the ghost of his former partner appears to him on Christmas Eve and warns him that he may share his fate of damnation unless he changes his ways, Scrooge begins a magical journey through the past, present, and future that will give the miser a new perspective on life and Christmas. ‘A Christmas Carol’ Movie Summary The summary below contains spoilers. In 1843 London on Christmas Eve, Ebenezer Scrooge (Patrick Stewart) is a cold-hearted businessman with an incredibly bad temper and tendency to be a skinflint. Scrooge runs his business like a miser seven years after the death of his business partner, Jacob Marley (Bernard Lloyd). Scrooge hates Christmas and everything that it stands for and looks down on anyone who celebrates the holiday, including his own nephew Fred Hollywell (Dominic West). As the film opens, Scrooge rejects his nephew’s invitation to Christmas dinner. Scrooge has a loyal employee by the name of Bob Cratchit (Richard E. Grant) who works …

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  • MHM MartRemo Williams: The Adventure Begins (1985)

    Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins (1985) Becomes a Weapon on DVD

    On December 8, 2015, KL Studio Classics released Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins on DVD. Guy Hamilton directed the film which starred Fred Ward, Joel Grey, and Wilford Brimley.

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  • MHM MartCabaret (1972)

    Cabaret (1972) Finally Comes To Blu-ray

    Warner Bros. Home Entertainment will bring the legendary classic Cabaret to Blu-ray this February. The film was directed and choreographed by Bob Fosse and stars Liza Minnelli, Michael York, Joel Grey, and Helmut Griem. Cabaret will be offered in a premium 40th Anniversary Blu-ray Book format edition, which contains 40 pages of insightful photos and text. The film will be available in stores on February 12, 2013.

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