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The 94th Academy Awards Ceremony Predictions

Episode #71

Movie House Concessions on the MHM Podcast Network gives our Oscar predictions for the 94th Academy Awards Ceremony that will be held on Sunday, March 27, 2022.

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1 year ago

unfortunately ABC’s money really drives the Academy. The Academy does a lot involving film preservation etc, not just hosting ceremonies, so losing that money will be a major blow. Losing ABC might just be the end of the ceremony. So they sort of have to do what ABC says and cut categories.

I’m always amused by people saying the Oscars have gotten too political. I think the Oscars were probably even more political in the past (Brando rejecting Oscar, Vanessa Redgrave talking about Palestine, protests over the Deer Hunter, Jane Fonda – not many today are as political as she was). All the old speeches are on YouTube, often a winner says something political that I have to research since issues of the time aren’t always remembered today(apparently one year many were wearing pins for some cause). Of course all this went over my head when I watched these ceremonies as a kid(guessing the same goes with Patrick), but trust me if there was social media in the 70s/80s, all we would hear about is- “are the Oscars too political etc.” I mean can you blame anyone this year for talking about Ukraine? Guessing most winners will say something about it(esp since many think they are silly for having this ceremony during such a turbulent time)

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