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The Princess Bride (1987) Movie Synopsis

Fred Savage is at home sick when his grandfather, Peter Falk, stops by to read him a story about true love. Unimpressed, Fred agrees to his grandfather reading him the story anyhow.

This is a tale of a beautiful young woman named Buttercup who lives in the countryside of Florin. She falls in love with her farm boy named Westley who is already madly in love with her, but can only express his love for her by answering all her requests with the phrase, “As you wish.” Before they can get married, Westley decides to seek his fortune in America, but on his journey across the pond, his ship is attacked by the Dread Pirate Roberts. Westley is assumed to have been killed in the assault as the Dread Pirate Roberts never leaves anyone alive.

Five years go by, and Buttercup is chosen by Prince Humperdinck, the heir to the throne of Florin, to be his wife, but before the marriage can take place, Buttercup is kidnapped by the Sicilian sexy toy, Vizzini, and his two lackeys; the gigantic Fezzik, and his revenge-minded partner, Inigo Montoya, whose only goal is to kill the six-fingered man who slaughtered his father some years earlier. Vizzini intends on killing Buttercup, and leaving her lifeless body on the shores of Guilder in order to start a war between the two countries, but unfortunately for Vizzini, a mysterious man in black is hot in pursuit of them. He manages to best Inigo with steel, Fezzik at strength, and out-think Vizzini.

When the man in black takes Buttercup as his trophy, she correctly ids him as the Dread Pirate Roberts. Prince Humperdinck and his men, who are also in pursuit of Buttercup, but for more sinister reasons, reach Roberts and his new prisoner. The prince wants her back because he is the one who hired Vizzini to kidnap his bride, and he is the one who wants to go to war with Guilder. Roberts is momentarily distracted by the Prince’s approach, and Buttercup pushes him down a hill they are standing on. Roberts tumbles down it, and utters the phrase, “As you wish.” Realizing her man in black is also her dear, sweet Westley, she follows after him.

The lovebirds try to escape their pursuers through the Fire Swamp, but are captured by Humperdinck and a six-fingered man named Count Rugen as they exit the swamp. Buttercup agrees to leave with the prince if he agrees to take Westley back to his ship, but instead, Westley is taken to the Pit of Despair. An enraged Prince Humperdinck eventually tortures Westley to death.

Inigo and Fezzik are soon reunited, and Fezzik tells Inigo about the existence of the six-fingered man. Inigo sets out to find the man in black to plan his castle onslaught, but his hopes are dashed when he finds Westley dead in the Pit of Despair. Fezzik and Inigo take Westley to Miracle Max where they learn Westley is not dead, he is only mostly dead. Miracle Max agrees to create a pill to bring Westley back to life to get revenge against the prince.

Once Westley is revived, they break into the castle, in order to rescue Buttercup and kill the Count, but they arrive too late. Buttercup marries Prince Humperdinck amongst the mayhem of the onslaught. Inigo finds Count Rugen and kills him, and Westley goes looking for Buttercup. He finds her as she is about to kill herself, and stops her. He tells her that she hasn’t married the prince because she never said, “I do.” He then bluffs Prince Humperdinck into submission, even though the prince knows Westley is bluffing.

At this point, Fezzik has found four white horses for them to escape on, and as they flee Westley asks Inigo to become the new Dread Pirate Roberts, so he can retire to a happy life with Buttercup. Buttercup and Westley share a passionate kiss. Since the invention of the kiss there have been five kisses that were rated the most passionate, the most pure. This one left them all behind.

As Peter Falk finishes the story, he gets up to leave, and Fred Savage asks him to read the story again the next day. Peter smiles and says, “As you wish.”

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