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The World Is Not Enough (1999) Movie Summary

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The World Is Not Enough begins with the assassination of M’s oil tycoon/friend at MI6 headquarters, Bond discovers a man named Renard is behind the plot. He then receives orders to protect The tycoon’s daughter, Elektra. Previously, Renard had kidnapped Elektra and held her for ransom.

After unknown people attack Bond and Elektra, he heads out to pursue them. He discovers that Elektra’s head of security was going to pose as a nuclear scientist as a part of a plot with Renard. Bond kills him and instead poses as a nuclear scientist.

He finds Renard stealing a nuclear weapon. Bond teams up with foxy scientist Christmas Jones and tries to stop the heist, but he’s lucky to escape with his life.

Bond suspects that Elektra might be in on the plot, but M is incredulous. Meanwhile, someone dumps the nuke into Elektra’s new oil pipeline. Bond and Jones try defuse it, discovering that half of the plutonium is missing. The bomb explodes, and everyone presumes Bond and Jones are dead.

Elektra takes this as her chance to come clean, and she confesses that she was in league with Renard, and that she killed her father as revenge for using her as bait for Renard. Then she kidnaps M. Bond learns the other half of the plutonium will blow up Istanbul; making Elektra’s oil pipeline that much more valuable.

Elektra captures Bond and Jones, and she takes Bond to the tower to reunite with M. Bond ultimately escapes and kills Elektra. Bond then makes it to the submarine, and frees Jones. He crashes the submarine and kills Renard; leaving the submarine to explode safely at the bottom of the ocean.

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