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Under the Rainbow (1981)

Episode #99

Warner Bros. Pictures released Under the Rainbow on July 31, 1981. Steve Rash directed the fantasy film which starred Chevy Chase, Carrie Fisher, and Eve Arden.

Under the Rainbow Movie Summary

Out in Kansas in 1938, a group of tramps, vagrants, and freeloaders suck up government resources quicker than you can say social welfare.

One of those unemployed bums looking for a free ride is Rollo Sweet. He’s so poor he can’t even afford to stand over four feet six inches. During a radio address from the President of the United States, Rollo fakes an injury where he slips off the roof of a barn, and bumps his head.

Meanwhile, the misunderstood Führer of Germany instructs his shortest agent, Otto Kriegling, where to find a pearl in a river. To do so, he must take a special map all the way to Hollywood, California and give it to a Japanese Agent in a white suit. Sounds simple enough.

Out in California, Annie Clark’s boss, Louie, orders her to look after 150 actors who will play the Munchkins in The Wizard of Oz. His dimwitted nephew, Homer, will assist in keeping these little shit heads under control.

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Warner Bros. Pictures released Under the Rainbow on July 31, 1981. Steve Rash directed the fantasy film which starred Chevy Chase, Carrie Fisher, and Eve Arden.

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