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Weekend at Bernie’s (1989)

Episode #98

20th Century Fox released Weekend at Bernie’s on July 5, 1989. Ted Kotcheff directed the film starring Andrew McCarthy, Jonathan Silverman, and Catherine Mary Stewart.

‘Weekend at Bernie’s’ Movie Summary

In Weekend at Bernie’s, Richard and Larry are two best friends who discover that someone is embezzling money from their company. When they inform Bernie Lomax, who heads the company, of their findings, he’s so pleased that he invites the two to his beach house for a weekend party. However, once they arrive to Bernie’s pad, they discover he’s dead. While Richard wants call the cops as quickly as possible, Larry wants to have his weekend of fun, leisure, and women.

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20th Century Fox released Weekend at Bernie's on July 5, 1989. Ted Kotcheff directed the film starring Andrew McCarthy, Jonathan Silverman, and Terry Kiser.

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