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Zapped! (1982)

Episode #109

Embassy Pictures released Zapped! to theaters on September 3, 1982. Robert J. Rosenthal directed the film starring Scott Baio, Willie Aames, and Robert Mandan.

Zapped! Movie Summary

In Zapped, sometimes referred to as Charles in Charge: The High School Years, nerdy Barney Springboro obtains a superpower ala Spiderman when a lab accident goes awry. He does not use his new telekinetic powers for good. In typical 80s style, he takes revenge on his bullies, cheats to win at sports, and gets the ladies naked, which is nice.

His BFF, Peyton Nichols eggs Barney along the whole time. Eventually, the main character’s love interest, in this case Bernadette, finds out about his powers. These powers put their relationship at risk, but this is an 80s movie, so Barney will get the girl.

The film ends at the senior prom where Barney strips the bitches out of their gowns for shits and giggles, but a fire hose him on the head, and knocks him out. When Barney wakes, his powers are gone. He leaves with Bernadette and he levitates them into the night sky…so really, Barney lost nothing.


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