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The Black Cauldron (1985)

Episode #74

Walt Disney Pictures released The Black Cauldron to theaters on July 24, 1985. Ted Berman and Richard Rich directed the film starring Grant Bardsley, Freddie Jones, and Susan Sheridan.

The Black Cauldron Movie Summary

A young boy, Taran, an assistant pig farmer/wrangler learns that his pig, Hen-Wen, is a mystical piece of prized pork belly who has oracle style powers which can locate a Black Cauldron that the evil Horned King has been trying to get his skeletor hands on so that he may raise an army of the dead.

After a brief, but dreadful sequence where Taran imagines himself to be a great, sword wielding warrior, the pig goes missing; having been taken to the castle of the Horned King by a pair of Night Fury dragons that have been trained well.

Taran is befriended by a dog-like creature Gurgi who talks similar to Gollum and likes apples.
Taran high tails it to the Castle climbing up the vertical walls to save the pig, but the Gollum dog doesn’t follow him.

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Walt Disney Pictures released The Black Cauldron to theaters on July 24, 1985. Ted Berman and Richard Rich directs the film which stars Grant Bardsley, Freddie Jones, and Susan Sheridan.

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  1. good lord, this cost $44 million? That’s as much as Heaven’s Gate cost a few years earlier and that caused a studio to go under. what were they thinking? I was actually a big fan of these novels when I was a kid and was surprised they chose to adapt this because it was the 2nd novel in a trilogy.

    1. Did you ever play the Sierra Online game of the same name from like 1987? I enjoyed that more than the movie, but I think I’d rather watch The Black Cauldron instead of Heaven’s Gate any day, which we will be reviewing in April.

      1. Are you reviewing it for the #2 review? I’m surprised at how it’s been reevaluated in recent years by some critics. Criterion even released a blu Ray.

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