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Breaking Barbi (2019)

Episode #1

Stormgod Studios unleashed Breaking Barbi upon the world on February 14, 2019. Edward G. Negron directed the film starring Vera VanGuard, Paul Logan, and Amy Johnston. Visit Breaking Barbi’s Official Website , Facebook , and Instagram pages.

‘Breaking Barbi’ Movie Synopsis

Barbi is a famous fitness selfie queen who finds herself lost in the wilderness after her first date with the super hot Jake goes terribly wrong. Lost without cell service, supplies or survival skills, she begins a harrowing journey back to civilization with her face buried in her phone. Searching for the ultimate selfie, Barbi misses a huge alien mothership battling Homeland Security airplanes.

Now, as surviving agents counter attack on the ground to protect ‘Murica from the forces of intergalactic evil, Barbi meets Agent Radcliffe, Earth’s great hero. Through a series of misadventures, Barbi realizes that she must change her ways to become a better person. While facing her fear of losing fame and becoming a crazy cat lady, Barbi manages to save the world from the alien invaders…

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Edward G. Negron Edward G.Negron Director / Writer
Vera VanGuard Vera VanGuard Producer / Writer
Matt  Steinauer Matt Steinauer Director of Photography
Vera VanGuard Vera VanGuard Barbi Dolly Brennan
Kyle Clarke Kyle Clarke Jake
Amy Johnston Amy Johnston Jessica
Paul Logan Paul Logan Agent Kenneth Radcliff
Valerie Perez Valerie Perez Double Agent Vicki
Jed Rowen Jed Rowen Agent Ralph Mahoney
Americus Abesamis Americus Abesamis Zen Master Monk
Jonathan Carroll Jonathan Carroll Fantasy Barbarian
Wizzard  Elliott Wizzard Elliott Killer Clown
Ben Lauter Ben Lauter Dream Barbi
Jenna Sativa Jenna Sativa Agent J
Angelyne Angelyne Angelyne
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Stormgod Studios released Breaking Barbi worldwide on February 14, 2019. Edward G. Negron directed the film starring Vera VanGuard, Paul Logan, and Amy Johnston.

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