Motion Picture Production Code

From 1930 to 1968, the Motion Picture Production Code was a set of the movie industry’s moral guidelines that major…

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Symbolism and Hidden Meanings in 2009’s Up

2009's Up is full of symbolism and hidden meanings. Here's a few we have found. What have we missed?

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HBO Behind the Scenes: The Making of the 1983 Feature Presentation

For many Children of the 80s, the HBO Loop was the personal babysitter for many of us Latchkey kids.

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Symbolism and Hidden Meanings in All Quiet on the Western Front (1930)

In All Quiet on the Western Front, the entire movie symbolizes the tragic loss of youth at times of struggle.

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North by Northwest (1959) Turns 60

Alfred Hitchcock's North by Northwest was released 60 years ago on July 1, 1959.

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Marvel Cinematic Universe: The Infinity Saga Quickie Recap

Marvel Studios' Infinity Saga consists of twenty three feature films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe divided into Phase One, Phase…

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Double Indemnity turns 75 on July 3, 2019

On July 3, 1944, A Paramount Picture named Double Indemnity was released in Baltimore, Maryland, and nationwide three days later.

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Which film in the Jumanji franchise is your favorite?

Author Chris Van Allsburg wrote two children books Jumanji (1981) and its sequel Zathura (2002) which Sony Pictures has adapted…

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What is Tom Hank’s Greatest Film from the 1980s an MHM Poll

Tom Hanks has been Hollywood's favorite Bosom Buddy for almost 40 years now. With Toy Story 4 now in theaters,…

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Today’s Trivia for June 21, 2019

How many tons of popcorn was popped in 1985's Real Genius for the scene that destroyed Professor Hathaway's house?

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Movie Quote for June 21, 2019

What 1960s comedy did someone say, “Look at that. I have Africa all over my hand”

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Movie Quote for June 20, 2019

What 1988 film did someone say, “I want a woman that will arouse my intellect as well as my loins.”

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