Cherry 2000 (1987)

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Cherry 2000 takes place in the far off year of 2017 when a businessman named Sam Treadwell accidentally damages his animatronic wife, Cherry 2000. Wanting a replacement, he hires a super sexy renegade tracker named E. Johnson to guide him across a dangerous apocalyptic wasteland to an old, abandoned manufacturing warehouse. There, he hopes to find a duplicate model. However, this journey leads them through the treacherous and lawless region of Zone 7. As the two cross paths with the zone’s tyrannical overlord, Lester, Treadwell learns that the perfect woman is made not of computer chips and diodes, but of real flesh and blood.

‘Cherry 2000’ Movie Summary

The summary below contains spoilers.
Cherry 2000 (1987)Young businessman Sam (David Andrews) finds himself in a dilemma after his prized possession, his robotic wife, blows a fuse. He decides to replace her with an exact replica that will incorporate her original memory chip.

Sam heads out of the city into the Glory Hole hotel where he searches for a Tracker that will escort him into The Zone to obtain the scarce Cherry model.

Sam is upset that his first option for a Tracker is a young woman, and he storms out to look for someone else in next closest sleazy pub. After a mishap with legendary B-movie actor Brion James, Sam runs back to the flaming red haired Tracker named E Johnson (Melanie Griffith). They immediately take off towards the robot graveyard within The Zone in her souped-up red Ford.

It isn’t long until they come across the unhinged ruler of the wastelands; a man named Lester.

The duo escapes his clutches using an industrial crane that lifts their car out of his lair with a powerful magnet. After a tumble down a waterslide tunnel (where the car remains intact), the notorious 6 Finger Jake (Ben Johnson), who lives alone in an electrically powered cave full of toaster ovens and a juke box, rescues them.

Once they retrieve the Ford from the slide, someone suddenly strikes Sam over the head. He wakes up in Lester’s desert pool playground called Sky Ranch. E Johnson alongside 6 Fingered Jake tracks Sam down. They wind up destroying Sky Ranch as they rescue him. That sends Lester into a passive aggressive frenzy of revenge.

During the pursuit, the Ford slams into a rock, but Sam and E Johnson make out. After an ambush from Lester’s henchmen, a supposed friend of 6 Fingered Jake double crosses the two when they arrive at a remote air hanger. 

With Lester on the way, E Johnson gets an old plane ready for take off. However 6 Fingered Jake has a serious gunshot wound to the back, and Sam must leave him behind in order to survive.

After a brief flight, the plane lands near the robot graveyard, and they go underground inside a somewhat sunken casino to search for the vault of Cherry 2000’s. With Lester and his cronies not far behind, they find a new Cherry. They switch it on, and it joins the pair on the run.
Another gunfight breaks out, and Lester’s hit, but he’s not out of it yet. He climbs to safety before a fatal slip ends his reign. Sam and Cherry fly off as E Johnson jumps to lighten the plane. However true human romance sparks supreme as Sam turns the plane around to save his redheaded Tracker. He sends Cherry off for a non-existent Pepsi; allowing the two homo sapien-lovebirds to fly off into the desert sunset as credits roll.

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Orion Pictures released Cherry 2000 on February 5, 1988. Steve De Jarnatt directed the film starring Melanie Griffith, David Andrews, and Pamela Gidley.

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