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Child’s Play (1988)

Episode #84

United Artists released Child’s Play to theaters on November 9, 1988. Tom Holland directed the film starring Catherine Hicks, Chris Sarandon, and Alex Vincent.

Child’s Play Movie Summary

Andy Barclay is a sweet, loving, yet lonely six-year-old boy, who lives at home with his “older than she should looks”, single mother Karen Barclay. Karen is a hard working department store clerk, who by the looks of her apartment is getting paid way too much to act as if she has it so hard.

Using all her money to pay for a nice Chicago apartment has left Karen strapped for cash, unable to buy Andy any decent birthday presents. She opts for some lame “Good Guy” tools instead of an actual Good Guy, Chucky doll. She presents the subpar presents to Andy on his big day and he is clearly bummed. After all, he is obsessed with Good Guy cartoons and anything related to it. Watching reruns, reciting the credo; He even dons the Good Guy ski bibs and lame sneakers in order to pay tribute to the Good Guy brand.

Since Karen blew her wad on Good Guy accessories and furnishings for her place, she is  reduced to demean herself by purchasing a Chucky doll through the Chicago black market. Luckily, there looms a seedy underbelly of upscale Chicago shopping just outside the backdoor of the department store where she works.  Her friend Maggie helps middle the deal for this one of a kind Chucky. One of a kind is right, you see this Chucky doll got possessed by the soul of the infamous Lakeshore Strangler, Charles Lee Ray. Any legitimate killer has to have three names.

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United Artists released Child's Play to theaters on November 9, 1988. Tom Holland directs the film which stars Catherine Hicks, Chris Sarandon, and Alex Vincent.

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