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Congo (1995)

Episode #36

Paramount Pictures released Congo to theaters on June 9, 1995. Frank Marshall directed the film starring Laura Linney, Tim Curry, and Dylan Walsh.

‘Congo’ Movie Summary

Our film begins with a crew of TraviCom employees, led by Bruce Campbell’s Charles Travis, maneuvering their way through a remote part of the Congo jungle in search of rare blue diamonds. Travis’ father plans to use the diamonds in his communications satellite, making TraviCom the frontrunners in laser based communications. Shortly after Charles transmits successful findings to fellow TraviCom researcher Karen Ross, played by Laura Linney, Charles’ Congo based associate leads him the ruins of the lost city of Zinj.

There, Charles and his colleague are murdered by a mysterious entity and his communication equipment is destroyed. When Karen’s satellite camera shows her that Charles’ base camp has been overrun by this creature, she gets permission and funds from TraviCom’s owner and Charles’ father, R.B. Travis to rescue them. Karen tells Mr. Travis that she is heading up this expedition only to save Charles, but fears that the senior Travis is actually sending her team there to retrieve the treasured diamonds for his satellites.

Off at the University of California in Berkeley, Peter Elliott, portrayed by Dylan Walsh, has completed unprecedented work by teaching a gorilla named Amy how to use sign language. While Amy signs, her dialogue is voiced via a computerized backpack and glove. Peter is ecstatic about their success but wants to return Amy to her home in the Congo, relieving her of the nightmares she experiences while living a normal human life.

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Paramount Pictures released Congo to theaters on June 9, 1995. Frank Marshall directed the film starring Laura Linney, Tim Curry, and Dylan Walsh.

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  1. Have you seen Miami connection? Would be a great film to do for this podcast. Also There’s a pretty funny podcast called ‘how did this get made?’ about the worst movies of all time.

    1. We have Miami Connection on our list for Lunchtime Movie Review, but it would definitely work on this show too…I haven’t seen it in years now. I wonder how bad it would be now.

      And yes, that’s a great podcast, with an endless supply of films you’d wonder how they really got made!

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