Cool World (1992)

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Cartoonist Jack Deebs lives behind bars. His escape is a cartoon “Cool World” he created in his mind featuring a voluptuous femme fatale named Holli Would. Unfortunately, Deebs winds up a prisoner of his own fantasies when Holli transports Jack into his with her plan to seduce him and bring herself to life.

Frank Harris, a human detective and the only other human in Cool World, lives here too. He gives Jack the down on the place. Humans, referred to as Noids, don’t have sex with cartoons known as Doodles. However, when Holli manages to take a human form in Las Vegas, a trans-universal chase begins that threatens the destruction of both worlds.

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‘Cool World’ Movie Summary

The summary below contains spoilers.
Cool World (1992)Imagine living in a world where it’s NOT okay to have sex with cartoons, and you have taken your first steps towards understanding 1992’s Cool World.

Frank Harris returns from war ca. 1945, and immediately gets his mother killed while riding a motorcycle. He suddenly gets zapped to Cool World all Buckaroo Bonzai style by Dr. Whiskers. Cool World is a fully animated cartoon world where time stands still, and few humans have seen.

For the next 45 years or so Frank keeps order there as a cop, but in 1992, Holli Would seduces cartoonist Jack Deebs from his dreams in his prison cell. Once he is released from jail, Holli transports Jack to Cool World and has sex with him, thus turning her into a real person.

The two then go back to the real world so Holli can become famous, but in doing so, she has ripped the very fabric of the universe; threatening us all. Frank goes after them, but is killed by Holli. Jack manages to save everyone by shoving a Spike of Power into a little hole a top a big Las Vegas building; thus returning order to the two worlds.

Holli and Jack are transported back to Cool World, and Frank’s partner takes the dead Frank back to his cartoon girlfriend, Lonette so she can say goodbye. Surprisingly and nonsensically though, since Holli killed him while she was briefly a toon in the real world, Frank is reborn in Cool World as a toon himself, where he lives happily ever after with Lonette. Unfortunately for Holli, she gets stuck with Jack forever as he scampers off sounding too much like Danger Mouse.

The End.

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Paramount Pictures released Cool World to theaters on July 10, 1992. Ralph Bakshi directed the film starring Gabriel Byrne, Kim Basinger, and Brad Pitt.

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