Futurama – Episode 3: I, Roommate


I, RoommateFor his first month of employment, Fry’s (Billy West) lived in the Planet Express offices. However, he’s messy, and the food he leaves out attracts owls which are the equivalent of rats in New New York. He using too much water and disrupting business which ruffles Hermes’ (Phil LaMarr) dreadlocks quite a bit.

The crew wants Fry to get his own place, but the Professor (Billy West) disagrees since he’s not causing any trouble. However, after Fry mistakes his alien mummy for beef jerky and eats it, the professor changes his mind—because he wanted to eat it.

With nowhere to go, Fry moves in with Bender (John DiMaggio), but Bender lives in a robot apartment. It’s small—barely more than a two-cubic meter box. Fry doesn’t even have a spot to hang his clothes. Since the place is too cramped for him, the two decide to search for a place that will work for both of them. Unfortunately, not one of the properties they visit is remotely livable.

After the crew overhears that one of Professor Farnsworth’s colleagues died, Fry and Bender lease his spacious, fully furnished apartment. Bender of course plans to live in the apartment’s tiny closet as that’s more his style. Fry and Bender move in, and make themselves at home to the theme of The Odd Couple.

Now at home, the boys throw a housewarming party. The Planet Express staff shows up with random gifts; including a mini fruit salad tree from Leela (Katey Sagal). During the party, the group tries to watch All My Circuits on the apartment’s gigantic television. They quickly learn that Bender’s antenna interferes with the building’s satellite reception.

The landlady evicts Bender after the building’s mob demands he go for ruining their reception too. Fry decides to stay, so Bender sadly returns to his old apartment alone. He sets out on a self-destructive “sobriety” bender that leads to him cutting off his own antenna. Then he can move back in with his only friend.

However, a robot’s antenna is vital to their self-esteem, and once Fry learns that, he helps Bender locate and reattach it. The two then move back together in his super small apartment. After Fry wonders aloud if his mini fruit salad tree will get enough light in their windowless stall, Bender replies that there is a window in the closet. He opens a hidden door to reveal a complete living suite more than spacious enough for Fry. Much to Bender’s confusion, Fry happily moves into the closet—stupid humans!

Season 1 – Original Air Date: April 6, 1999


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