Ewoks: The Battle For Endor (1985)

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Ewoks: The Battle For Endor takes place on the forest moon of Endor as the Towani family prepare to leave. However, before they can go, Wicket and Cindel must face off against the evil Marauders after they capture all the Ewoks, and kill Cindel’s family. The duo isn’t at it alone, though. On their journey they meet Noa, an old hermit who’s also looking for a way home, and his small but fast companion Teek. Together, the four friends set out to rescue the Ewoks; facing off against a whole army of King Terak’s evil Marauders, a witch named Charal, and a bloodthirsty dragon.

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The summary below contains spoilers.
Ewoks: The Battle For Endor (1985)Ewoks: The Battle For Endor takes place several months after the events in Caravan of Courage: An Ewok Adventure. Repairs on the Towani family star cruiser are nearly complete, and the human family is preparing to leave their Ewok friends and return home. Cindel (Aubrey Miller) invites the now English speaking Wickett (Warwick Davis) to leave with them so he can go to school with her and her brother Mace (Eric Walker). Unfortunately, Wickett says he has to stay with his people.

When Cindel and Wickett return to the Ewok village, they find that the ground based village is under attack by a group of Marauders. The Marauders are killing Ewoks and burning the village, but they are also capturing some of the Ewoks for unknown purposes. During the raid, Cindel’s mother and Mace are killed. Jeremitt Towani (Paul Gleason) is captured by the Marauders and a sorceress by the name of Charal (Siân Phillips). Charal and the Marauders are seeking the “power” and believe that Jeremitt has it. The “power” is an energy cell from the star cruiser.

Jeremitt is able to escape but is shot while doing so. He reunites with Cindel, and tells her to run as fast as she can into the forest while he lays down some suppressing fire. Cindel runs into the forest, but unfortunately Jeremitt is killed by Marauder laser fire. Cindel is captured by Charal, and thrown into the cages with Wickett and the other surviving Ewoks.

While being transported by the Marauders, Cindel and Wickett are able to escape from the cages due to their small size. They run into the forest, chased by the Marauders. They encounter Teek, a small and extremely fast native of the planet. Teek leads them to safety and to the home of Noa Briquaon (Wilford Brimley). Noa believes that the intruders are there to steal his things, so he throws them out of his house. However, he eventually invites the small child and lone Ewok back into his home when he sees them trying to build a fire for warmth.

At the Marauder’s castle, the leader Terak orders Charal to find Cindel, believing that she is last one who may know how to use the “power”.

Back at Noa’s cabin, Cindel discovers that Noa has also crash landed on the planet and has been stranded for many years. His star cruiser is almost completely repaired and is only missing an energy cell to be completely operational. While living with Noa, Cindel and the old man begin to come close, with the aged star pilot helping Cindel get over her grief.

One morning, Cindel is awoken by a song in the forest. The song is one that her mother used to sing to her, so she proceeds to go into the forest alone. She finds a woman singing, who suddenly transforms into Charal and captures Cindel. Charal takes the little girl back to Terak. The evil lord of the Marauders orders Cindel to activate the “power,” but the small child doesn’t know how. Cindel is thrown into the cells with the other captured Ewoks. Charal is also thrown into a cell because of her failure to find someone to activate the “power.”

Meanwhile, Noa, Wickett, and Teek track Cindel back to the Marauders lair using Wickett’s excellent sense of smell. The trio is able to sneak into the castle and free Cindel and the other Ewoks. They are also able to reacquire the stolen energy cell. The humans and the Ewoks are able to make their escape and high tail it back to Noa’s place with Terak and the Marauders right on their tail. Charal is also able to talk her way out of her cell by promising Terak that she can find the other ship after being told of it by Cindel.

The Ewoks, led by Wickett, put on a defense while Noa installs the energy cell into his ship. The Ewoks put up their typical low tech game plan, and are nearly defeated until Noa is able to reactivate the laser cannons on his ship thanks to the energy cell. With the assistance of the laser cannons, Noa is able to fend off the Marauders.

During the battle, Wickett is caught in one of the Ewok’s booby traps. Cindel leaves the safety of Noa’s ship to go and save her friend, but ends up being captured by Terak. The evil lord tells Noa that he will trade Cindel for the energy cell. Noa agrees to fight Terak for the energy cell. Wickett intervenes in the battle, using his slingshot to kill Terak.

Sometime later, Noa and Cindel say their goodbyes to Teek, Wickett, and the rest of the Ewoks. Cindel promises to visit them as soon as she can before getting onto Noa’s star cruiser and leaving Endor.

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American Broadcasting Company (ABC) released Ewoks: The Battle For Endor to television on November 24, 1985. Jim Wheat and Ken Wheat directed the film starring Wilford Brimley, Warwick Davis, and Aubrey Miller.

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