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Galaxy Quest (1999)

Episode #19

DreamWorks released Galaxy Quest to theaters on December 25, 1999. Dean Parisot directed the film starring Tim Allen, Sigourney Weaver, and Alan Rickman.

‘Galaxy Quest’ Movie Summary

Galaxy Quest is a fictional sci-fi adventure TV series which takes place aboard the intergalactic spaceship the NSEA Protector. Eighteen years after the the network cancels the series, the lead actors can only find work attending sci-fi conventions and electronic store openings dressed as their characters. The cast members pretty much hate each other and wallow in self pity until a race of aliens known as Thermians arrive. These brilliant but innocent beings have mistaken the TV show for reality, and they have built working ships and technology around it as they need the help Galaxy Quest team. Tthe evil warlord General Sarris threatens to take control of their world, and kill them all. Can these old actors pull it together for their greatest performance ever, and save the Thermians from certain death? Read the full summary.

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DreamWorks released Galaxy Quest to theaters on December 25, 1999. Dean Parisot directs the film which stars Tim Allen, Sigourney Weaver, and Alan Rickman.

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    1. In the beginning of MHM, we just had 3 shows; Movie House Memories, Lunchtime Movie Review, and the #2 Review. Galaxy Quest didn’t really fit any of them, but we wanted to review some cult films anyway and decided on putting them on the #2.

      That’s why this one, Zombeavers, and Dale and Tucker are on it. After awhile, we just created Movie House Concessions to review those films that fall in between the cracks of our current shows.

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