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Gaslight (1944)

Episode #116

Universal Pictures released Gaslight to theaters on October 20, 1944. George Cukor directed the film which starred Charles Boyer, Ingrid Bergman, and Joseph Cotten.

‘Gaslight’ Movie Summary

As a child, Paula’s aunt, a famous opera singer, was murdered. The killer came for her jewels, but was unable to find them the night of the murder. Now as an adult, she meets and marries Gregory Anton. Gregory persuades Paula to move to her aunt’s house in London, despite her traumatic memories of the home and the murder.

Gregory’s displays angry, controlling behavior toward Paula. Paula struggles with returning to London as she settles in. While visiting the Tower of London, she loses an heirloom brooch that Gregory had given her. A picture disappears from the house, and Gregory insists that she took it, despite Paula having no recollection of doing so. Paula sees the gaslights dim spontaneously and hears footsteps in the house when nobody is around.

Gregory isolates Paula and convinces her that she is mentally ill. He plans to have her visited by doctors to have her committed to an asylum. A suspicious detective, however, trails Gregory. He learns that Gregory sneaks into the attic of their home at night through an abandoned house nearby. He waits for Gregory to sneak out one night and confronts Paula, convincing her she is, in fact, not crazy. The detective concludes that Gregory murdered Paula’s aunt.

Gregory, however, finally found the aunt’s jewels in the attic. When he returns, he is confronted by the detective and caught, where he is taunted by Paula and confesses to the murder.


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