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The Godfather: Part III (1990)

Episode #101

Paramount Pictures released The Godfather: Part III on December 25, 1990. Francis Ford Coppola directed the film starring Al Pacino, Diane Keaton, and Andy Garcia.

The Godfather: Part III Movie Summary

The year is 1979. Disco is king, and mafia boss, Michael Corleone, is queen. The Don has turned over a new leaf at the tender age of 60, sold off the casinos, and handed over the “family business” to a younger mobster, Joey Zasa. Corleone tries to go legit as a honest businessman—much like Donald Trump did in 2016, but with slightly less Oompa-Lompa make-up. However, instead of a run for role of Commander-In-Chief, the Roman Catholic Church has names Michael a Commander of the Order of Saint Sebastian.

Michael still carries tremendous guilt over ordering the death of his own brother, Fredo. Additionally, Michael’s second wife, Kay, who’s perfect shit shines gold, has divorced him. His adult children, Anthony and Mary rarely see him. Anthony wants to leave law school and become a singer of all things—not in a boy band or anything that makes money, mind you, but as a legitimate opera singer.

Sofia Coppola, the Don of the Retards, plays Mary who simply wants to have sex with her first cousin, Vincent Mancini, and then piss off as many Godfather fanboys as humanly possible. You got us there, Sophia!

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Paramount Pictures released The Godfather: Part III on December 25, 1990. Francis Ford Coppola directed the film starring Al Pacino, Diane Keaton, and Andy Garcia.

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  1. With regard to Diane Keaton’s role in the story, I believe it was just another plot device for Michael’s revelation that his past sins had affected all of his closest relationships including the mother of his precious children, as such you couldn’t have omitted this aspect. My thoughts…

  2. I also agree that Connie’s character has become immensely powerful and in my opinion will become the puppet master to Andy Garcia’s role as the new Don.

  3. I disagree about Michael’s death. Although it mirrors Vito’s death, I think the last shot of Michael indicates his death is of a lonely man with no family, who realises he has taken a totally opposite path to his father’s and basically cannot be redeemed. A bit bleak but I believe that is the theme for his character arc. Happy to discuss your views on this.

    1. Yes, that is very true. Vito’s death he’s playing with the family’s future. By the end of Michael’s life, there isn’t any real future for his family with his daughter’s death a few years earlier.

  4. Sorry to be a pain, but it also tries to tie in actual events where Pope John Paul I died after only 33 days in office. Many conspiracy theories abound about him being poisoned or similar. Interesting.

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