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Goldeneye (1995) Film Summary

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In 1986, Bond is on a mission to destroy a Russian weapons facility with his chum and fellow agent Alec Trevelyan, 006. The mission goes south, and Alec is shot by the Russians while Bond escapes, completing the mission.

Nine years later, a stealth helicopter is stolen from Monte Carlo and used to destroy a Russian weapons station by a satellite with a massive electromagnetic pulse blast, called goldeneye. There is one survivor, and Bond sets out to find her. The survivor is a programmer, Natalia Simonova.

Bond meets with former KGB agent, Zukofsky, who gives Bond a lead to Janus, the head of the crime syndicate suspected of stealing the helicopter. An assassin, Onatopp, tries to kill Bond in his hotel room, but he bests her and makes her take him to Janus. Janus is actually Alec with a scarified face from being shot and burned back in 1986. Janice is descended from Cossacks, who were betrayed by the Brits after fighting against the Nazis in World War 2.

Alec tries to kill Bond and Natalia together in the helicopter, but they escape report the whole mess to the authorities. But Alec’s people kill the authorities, and after a tank chase and a train fight, Bond learns there’s a second goldeneye satellite and that Alec controls it from somewhere in Cuba.

Bond and Natalia find Alec’s lair in Cuba and infiltrate it. Bond is captured. Alec monologs. He plans to rob the bank of England then hit it with the Goldeneye, destroying the British economy. Natalia changes the codes before they can launch their plan, and Bond tries to escape. Alec chases him down only to be dropped from a massive satellite dish and then to have a massive satellite dish dropped on him as the Goldeneye burns harmlessly in the atmosphere.

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