The Number Two Review

Hard Ticket to Hawaii (1987)

Episode #30

Malibu Bay Films released Hard Ticket to Hawaii in March of 1987. Andy Sidaris wrote and directed the film starring Ronn Moss, Dona Speir, and Hope Marie Carlton.

Hard Ticket to Hawaii Movie Summary

Two women who love showing off their boobs and talking about sex end up as agents of some organization that has them run around in booty short, open sleeve side boob viewing onesies as uniforms while posing to be working for some other legitimate group. They pilot a plane with some tourists and a deadly mutated snake to Honolulu (I think – my brain is sorta broken.)

They find a cargo of diamonds dropped off via remote controlled helicopter and are attacked by some henchmen of the guy who was supposed to pick up the package. Some serious boobs are shown. A rocket launcher is shot at a sly undercover skateboard assassin and then his blow up doll. Some other agents get involved then. Boobs. Casual racism. Tourists are killed in snake side plot. We don’t see her boobs and I really, really thought and hoped we would. Lame jokes. Rocket launchers! Some boobs. Little sex.

Plan to bring down the bad guy. Some boobs I hadn’t seen yet on some women (I think – I didn’t see their faces.) The boobs I’ve already seen. Razor blade frisbee. SNAKE OUT OF THE TOILET. Boss vs boobs vs snake showdown. Rocket launcher used on snake’s head in precision shot from less than 10 feet away. The End. Credits. Boobs. More credits. Boobs. Boobs. The real end. Boobs.


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