In Bruges (2008)

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Hit men Ray and Ken have been ordered to cool their heels in the storybook city of Bruges, Belgium after finishing a big job. However, since hit men make the worst tourists, they soon find themselves in a life-and-death struggle of comic proportions against one very angry crime boss!

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The summary below contains spoilers.
In Bruges (2008)After a rookie hitman, Ray, accidentally kills a boy on his first assignment, he and his mentor/fellow killer, Ken, are sent to the city of Bruges, Belgium to lay low, and wait for their next assignment from their boss, Harry.

Ken likes the city and its sights, but Ray hates everything about the town. On a night when Ray can’t stand being in their hotel room any longer, the two decide to look around the town to see what it has to offer. They stumble upon a movie being filmed there, and Ray takes delight in one of the actors, Jimmy, who’s a midget…a little person…a dwarf.

Ray also spots Chloë who is the film’s production assistant, and he takes a keen interest in her. Little does he know that she’s also a local drug dealer. This gets him into trouble a few nights later when the two go on a date, and her boyfriend tries to rob Ray at gunpoint, but instead, Ray steals his gun, and fires it in his face. Luckily for him, the gun is just loaded with blanks, and he only loses an eye from the blast.

Harry finally calls Ken while Ray is out, and he orders Ken to kill Ray as punishment for killing the boy. The next day, Ken gets a gun from Harry’s local dealer, and finds Ray in a park. As Ken is about to shoot Ray, he sees that Ray is about to commit suicide because of his guilt about killing the little boy, and stops him.

Instead of killing Ray himself, Ken tells him of Harry’s orders, and urges him to leave Bruges. Ray hops the next train out of the city, and Ken calls Harry to let him know that he’ll have to do the deed himself if he wants Ray dead. Harry is enraged, and hightails it down to Bruges to kill Ken and Ray.

Meanwhile, Ray gets arrested on the train for beating up a Canadian couple while out on his earlier date with Chloë, and hauled back to Bruges. Chloë bails him out, and the two go to the town square for drinks.

Meanwhile meanwhile, Harry has arrived, and finds Ken in another part of the town square. The two head then head to the top of a tower in the square where Harry is going to kill Ken. At the top, Harry shoots Ken out of anger when he finds out that Ray is actually still in town, and he races down the tower to kill him.

Ken throws himself out of the tower as his only means to warn Ray that Harry is in town. Harry chases after Ray, and eventually shoots him several times, but in doing so, he also accidentally kills the dwarf that’s dressed as a schoolboy. Thinking that he has killed a child, Harry kills himself on principle alone.

Ray is taken to a hospital, and we hear his inner monologue say that he hopes he doesn’t die.

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Focus Features released In Bruges to theaters on February 29, 2008. Martin McDonagh directed the film starring Colin Farrell, Brendan Gleeson, and Ciarán Hinds.

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