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Mac and Me (1988)Mac and Me begins as a NASA spacecraft lands on an unknown planet. While it resembles Southern California, it is definitely not, so the craft collects rock and soil samples. A family of quite aliens discover it, and are sucked up through its vacuum (which is their one true weakness).

The craft then takes off with the family, and is heads back to Earth. The aliens escape from a military base, but during melee, the youngest alien is separated from his family. He hides in a passing van, occupied by a wheelchair-bound boy named Eric Cruise, his older brother, Michael, and their single mother, Janet, who are moving to California.

Try a Coca-Cola while you watch kids in wheelchairs fall off cliffs

One day, Eric falls off a cliff, and he hurls into a lake while in his wheelchair – apparently just yards from his suburban Cali home. The little alien sees his plight, and he rescues Eric. Eric tells people the truth of what happened, but no one believes him. Eric sets a trap with the help of Debbie, because she is the only other person who sees the alien. They capture, and then release the alien. Eric’s brother Michael now believes Eric, but the alien disappears again, and they cannot convince their mom he’s real.

Eventually, FBI agents Wickett and Zimmerman track down the alien to the Cruise residence. The kids immediately recognize them, and Eric leaves with the alien, whom he names MAC.

Epic hi-jinx ensue during the well-written and wonderfully filmed pursuit of the little creature. FBI agents are so inept, it’s surprising they haven’t hired Chris, himself. It truly is a thing of beauty. At one point, the little graceful alien takes to dance, and I will be damned if it doesn’t make me tear up.

McDonalds is a proud sponsor of Mac and Me

The kids reunite MAC with it’s family when they miraculously find them in an abandoned mine. While stopping at a gas station, they accidentally alert security. Of course there is a shoot out, and Eric is caught in the crossfire, and he dies in the explosion. MAC and his family then use their powers of good and love of all-things rubbery suit related, and they bring Eric back to life.

For saving Eric, the government grants MAC and his family U.S. citizenship, until Donald Trump becomes president. Then INS has to get involved.

There is a final scene which assumes there will be a sequel, and that is certainly the funniest moment of this film. Hopefully McDonalds and Coca-Cola sponsor that film too!

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