Masters of the Universe (1987)

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Masters of the Universe begins on the planet Eternia. Skeletor and his minions have launched a surprise attack on Castle Grayskull, and captured the Sorceress. All that remains between Skeletor and unlimited power is a shirtless blond beauty named He-Man. So, Skeletor has his army attack our hero along with his old pal, Man-at-Arms, and his feisty daughter, Teela.

However, after the group takes refuge with a tiny locksmith/inventor named Gwildor they escape to the planet Earth. Before the main attack, Evil-Lyn tricked Gwildor into giving her a Cosmic Key to open a cosmic portal into the castle and take it. He-Man and company manages to bring a prototype of the Cosmic Key with them to Earth , but they lose it upon arrival.

Meanwhile on Earth, Julie Winston, plans to leave her small town and small boy friend to better things after her parents died in a plane crash. On their last night together, her boyfriend, Kevin Corrigan, finds the key, and activates it; thinking it’s a Japanese instrument. That brings Evil-Lyn and her merry group of mercenaries to the planet to vanquish hunky He-Man once and for all.

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‘Masters of the Universe’ Movie Summary

The summary below contains spoilers.
Masters of the Universe (1987)Masters of the Universe takes place on the planet Eternia where the villainous Skeletor and his army takes control of Castle Grayskull; capturing the Sorceress. The castle’s remaining defenders regroup, and set out to save the Sorceress before Skeletor can combine her powers with his at the next moonrise.

The heroic He-man rescues a Thenorian locksmith named Gwildor from Skeletor’s evil clutches with the help of his buddy, Man-At-Arms, and his daughter Teela. He-Man learns that Evil-Lyn stole Gwildor’s Cosmic Key; a device that allows someone to open a portal to any locale using sound keys. That is how Skeletor was able to invade Castle Grayskull.

Gwildor gives He-Man a prototype of the Key, so that he and his defenders can retake the castle. When they attempt to free the Sorceress, Skeletor’s minions out number them, and push them away through one of Gwildor’s portals. In his haste, Gwildor opens a portal to Earth where the Key is quickly lost.

Two kids in New Jersey, an orphan named Julie Winston and her boyfriend, Kevin Corrigan, find the Key. As they try to figure out what the Key is, they accidentally activate it; sending a signal back to Eternia where Evil-Lyn is able to trace it. She sends Saurod, Blade, Beast Man, and Karg to bring the Key back.

Kevin is a musician, and he thinks the Key is some sort of 1980s synthesizer. He takes it to his buddy Charlie’s music store for a look-see. Evil-Lyn’s thugs show up, and they chase Julie who eventually runs into He-Man. He rescues her from the villains.

Karg and the boys return empty-handed to Castle Greyskull, and Skeletor is not happy. He kills Saurod for their insolence. He then orders Evil-Lyn and the others back to Earth with more minions to help retrieve the Key.

Back on Earth, Detective Lubic investigates the aftermath of Karg’s attack. He finds Kevin, and takes him to Julie’s place to see if they can find her. He confiscates Kevin’s Key; thinking he stole it, and then leaves him there. Evil-Lyn then shows up, and holds Kevin hostage. She uses a mind control collar to find out that Lubic has the Key.

He-Man and gang free Kevin from the collar’s mind control, and then head out to find Lubic and that Key. They arrive at Charlie’s store, and Skeletor’s minions arrive shortly thereafter. The two groups battle it out. Evil-Lyn grabs the Key, and then brings Skeletor to Earth.

Sketetor’s army captures the Eternians, and then Skeletor’s lightening bolt mortally wounds Julie. However, that blast does zap all the memory from Gwildor’s Key. To save his friends, He-Man surrenders himself, and returns to Eternia as Skeletor’s boy toy.

He demands He-Man get on his knees before him with all of Eternia as his witness. Then he’s going to kill He-Man. He-Man says no, so Blade takes his little “laser” whip, and swats him with it to make him submit before the moon rises. He does not, but as the moon rises, Skeletor absorbs the Power of Greyskull. He declares himself the Master of the Universe, and victoriously tortures He-Man.

We are back on Earth where Gwildor repairs his Cosmic Key. Kevin then uses his musical skills to create the gateway that takes them to Eternia. Everyone, including Lubic, is transported to Eternia. They battle Skeletor one more time.

However, Evil-Lyn and her minions desert Skeletor for not sharing the Power of Greyskull. This results in Skeletor accidentally releasing He-Man. He grabs the Sword of Greyskull, and fights Skeletor; shattering his staff, and releasing all his new power.

Reduced back to his normal skeletal self, He-Man shows Skeletor mercy, but Skeletor draws another sword, and tries one more time to kill He-Man. He-Man knocks his block off, and Skeletor falls to the bottom of a deep pit. They free the Sorceress who then heals Julie. The Key opens a portal to send the three humans back to Earth, but Lubic decides to stay.

Julie wakes to find it’s the morning of her parent’s plane crash, and they are still alive. She hides their keys from them so they cannot make their flight; keeping them from dying. When she runs outside, Kevin is there. He says she wasn’t dreaming, and then shows her a blue orb from Eternia with He-Man raising his sword in front of Castle Greyskull.

There is a post-credit scene where Skeletor’s head rises out of the water from in the pit, and he exclaims, “I’ll be back!” Sure you will Skeletor, but it will be 34 years before anyone attempts to bring you back.

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Cannon Films released Masters Of The Universe on August 7, 1987. Gary Goddard directed the film which starred Dolph Lundgren, Frank Langella, and Meg Foster.

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