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Metropolis (1927)

Episode #102

Universum Film (UFA) released Metropolis on March 13, 1927. Fritz Lang directed the film starring Brigitte Helm, Alfred Abel, and Gustav Fröhlich.

‘Metropolis’ Movie Summary

Metropolis is a futuristic city divided in two social classes: the workers, who live underground below the machines, and the dominant classes that live on the surface. Maria is the heart and soul of the working class, and she’s looking to find a mediator between the upper class overlords and the workers. When she meets Freder Fredersen who is the son of the Lord of Metropolis, Johhan Fredersen, they fall in love. However, Johhan already wants to put an end to any possible worker uprising, and has a robot created that will pretend to be Maria. This evil Maria will promote a revolution of the working class so he can eliminate them.

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Universum Film (UFA) released Metropolis on March 13, 1927. Fritz Lang directed the film starring Brigitte Helm, Alfred Abel, and Gustav Fröhlich.

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  1. Can’t wait till you make Patrick watch Greed, Chris! I live in LA, so I’ve been lucky enough to see several silent films in theatres with live music over the years. I think its much more easier to to get into silent films that way, there aren’t any outside distractions, the film can just wash over you. Guess you can say that with a lot of films in general, but it feels different with them especially. Regrading the run time, silent films often can have that manipulated by the frames per second. I believe they manipulated metropolis’ time in a version that came out in the 80s with a Synth score and it was only 90 mins. When a movie you guys review has so many versions, do you try to make sure you all end up watching the same version?

    1. Yeah there was an 80s version, but I have never seen it. Typically, we don’t coordinate the version to watch. It can give us additional things to talk about.

      I would love to see Metropolis on the big screen. It would be great.

      I think Matt will dislike Greed more than Patrick, but it’s a really good film…and I’m not a big fan of long films. I read Frank Norris’ McTeague which the film was based on because I liked the film so much.

      1. Surprised no one mentioned this is the 2nd Fritz Lang film that was picked, not too shabby. Also thought you would discuss the Frankenstein theme in the film a bit. As far as acting in silent films I hope you all get to see some Lillian Gish at some point, she was very different from the normal style of that era I think. You might say she was the Brando of the era. When will inglorious basterds be reviewed? Looking forward to that.

        1. This will probably be his last film reviewed on Movie House Memories, but his films will definitely show up on the Golden Age podcast…the same with Lillian Gish.

          Inglourious Basterds will be reviewed in November of this year.

          1. Wow, interstellar? That’s the 2nd nolan film you’ve reviewed this year. And 3rd overall(is that the highest number of films any director has had so far, along with Spielberg and hitch?) guessing that is a Matt pick. And that baby Jane is a Lori pick.

          2. That is a Matt pick…if you include all our podcasts, this is the 4th Nolan film…we did Memento for Filmhouse Hustlas.

            And Baby Jane is my pick, but Lori probably would have picked it eventually anyhow.

          3. In a way it’s sort of surprising Matt would pick it. I recall him saying he wasn’t a huge Nolan fan in general during the prestige podcast. Baby Jane is great, I wonder if any of you view it differently after the series Feud earlier this year.

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