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Metropolis (1927)

Episode #102

Universum Film (UFA) released Metropolis to theaters on March 13, 1927. German filmmaker, Fritz Lang, directed the film, and his wife of the time, Thea von Harbou wrote the screenplay. The film stars Brigitte Helm, Alfred Abel, and Gustav Fröhlich.

Metropolis Movie Summary

Set in the future, Metropolis is the tale of two cities. Above ground, the citizens live happily in decadence. Freder Fredersen is enjoying his frivolous life as the son of the town mastermind, John Fredersen.

One day Freder notices a beautiful woman with a group of children and he follows her. He discovers that under his utopia lies another city full of despair. This city is full of workers that slave away in dreary conditions to maintain the above ground luxuries of metropolis.

Freder listens to Maria’s teaching on the “hands” (workers) joining the “head” (the powerful people above) through a “mediator” (the heart). Freder falls for Maria and it becomes clear that he is the heart, the savior that Maria is preaching about.

When John Freder learns that his son is siding with the workers, he turns to his friend Rotwang the inventor. Rotwang’s real intent is more sinister than John Freder can imagine. He has created a robot to confuse the workers. They unknowingly are working toward the destruction of Metropolis, above and below ground.


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