My Tutor (1983)

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Bobby Chrystal could care less about learning French or attending Yale. However, his Yale-grad father does care. When Bobby fails his French finals, dad decides to take drastic measures to make sure the boy passes and gets into Yale. To help Bobby score an 85% or better on the make-up examination, the senior Chrystal hires a voluptuous live-in tutor named Terry Green. She schools him alright, and as Bobby becomes the teacher’s pet, she teaches him much more than the language of love.

‘My Tutor’ Movie Summary

The summary below contains spoilers.
My Tutor (1983)In My Tutor, high school senior Bobby Chrystal (Matt Lattanzi) has the same issues as all recent graduates: he’s a wealthy, handsome, virgin who failed the final exam in his French class and needs to pass a makeup test, or he won’t be able attend Yale, the university of his father’s choosing. To help Bobby prepare for the makeup exam, his father (Kevin McCarthy) hires a French tutor who will live on the Chrystal compound, providing around the clock educational opportunities.

Fortunately for young Robert, his tutor is a gorgeous, 29 year old blonde woman named Terry Green (Caren Kaye). Terry who recently broke up with her cheating boyfriend, conveniently, needs a job and somewhere to live. Also, should Bobby successfully pass his exam, tutor Terry will earn a handsome $10,000 bonus.

Since Bobby is your typical horny teenager, when he isn’t studying his French lessons, he spends evenings hanging out with his friend Jack (Crispin Glover) and Jack’s older brother, Billy (Clark Brandon). Billy, an experienced ladies’ man, takes the recent graduates around Los Angeles to diners, brothels, and mud wrestling matches in an attempt to help them lose their virginities.

However, the lads find zero success. Even in the whorehouse! It seems Johnny Walker Black Label Whiskey, passionate dominatrix hookers, and jealous biker boyfriends awkwardly ruin every single educational opportunity for Bobby and Jack.

Late at night, when the Chrystal family is resting all snug in their beds, French tutor Terry skinny dips in their swimming pool with ALL of the lights on, for anyone to see. Predictably, a sexually frustrated Bobby spies in on Terry’s late night exhibitions, which doesn’t help reinforce his French lessons.

After multiple altercations together with Terry’s ex-boyfriend, she and Bobby become better friends, grow intimate, and become secret lovers. In addition to improving Bobby’s French skills, Terry takes on the task of teach Bobby how to be a strong man who stands up for his beliefs and seeks out his dreams.

A now confident Bobby successfully masters his French lessons and passes his makeup exam. However, during a pat on the back conversation with his jealous father, Bobby is told that Terry earned the $10,000 cash bonus for effectually educating him over the summer and may not have had genuine feelings for her pupil. This angers Bobby, who flies off the handle and accuses Terry of prostituting herself.

She reacts with a thunderous slap to Bob’s face and they both storm away angry. After wrecking his moped along the California coast and having a late night heart to heart talk with his high school crush, Bobby realizes that he was being an immature douchebag towards Terry and apologizes for his behavior. Like a MAN! They decide go their separate ways, both stating that they will never forget their special time together.

By the way! Billy drove Jack down to Mexico where he was successfully deflowered by a lucky senorita.

The end!

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Crown International Pictures released My Tutor to theaters on April 22, 1983. George Bowers directed the film starring Matt Lattanzi, Caren Kaye, and Kevin McCarthy.

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