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National Lampoon’s Animal House (1978)

Episode #152

Universal Pictures released National Lampoon’s Animal House to theaters on July 28, 1978. John Landis directed the film starring John Belushi, Karen Allen, and Tom Hulce.

‘National Lampoon’s Animal House’ Movie Summary

Animal House is a tale about one group attempting to impose their will over another…Wait…That’s Animal FarmAnimal House is about one group attempting to impose their will over another.  The movie takes place at Faber College in 1962’s America, a time of innocence before JFK died and the goddamn hippies ruined the country.  It begins with a fat slob, Kent Dorfman, aka Flounder, and his roommate, Larry Kroger, aka Pinto, rushing various college fraternities.  The fascist Omega house shuns the two and forces them to spend time with foreigners and other losers during their rush party.  The two go to the next house, the Delta house, which couldn’t be more different.  The Deltas rush the potentials with beer, fun, and a drunk brother named Bluto pissing on their legs.  Eric “Otter” Stratton, the rush chair, is even damn glad to meet them.

Next, Vernon Wormer, the Dean of Faber College, meets with the president of Omega house and poster boy for the Hitler Youth, Greg Marmalard.   Dean Wormer wants to kick Delta House off the college more than a fat guy wants a cheap all you can eat buffet.  The Dean puts the Deltas on “Double-Secret Probation” upon learning the Deltas were already on probation and enlisted Marmalard and his minions in his quest to impose his will.

During ROTC calisthenics, Neidermeyer, another Omega House preppy, bullies Flounder.  Brothers Bluto, played by John Belushi, and D-Day, played by the poor man’s Dan Aykroyd, devise a scheme for Flounder to get back at Neidermeyer and stick it to the dean at the same time.  The three go all Godfather and sneak Neidermeyer’s horse in the Dean’s office.  Bluto and D-Day then give Flounder a gun, to do what we all know what must be done.  Unbeknownst to Flounder, however, Bluto and D-Day previously loaded the gun with blanks.

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Universal Pictures released National Lampoon's Animal House to theaters on July 28, 1978. John Landis directed the film starring John Belushi, Karen Allen, and Tom Hulce.

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