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Night of the Living Dead (1968)

Episode #11

Continental Distributing released Night of the Living Dead to theaters on October 4, 1968. George A. Romero directs the film which stars Duane Jones, Judith O’Dea, and Karl Hardman.

Night of the Living Dead Movie Summary

Johnny and Barbara (brother and sister) are visiting their Father’s grave in rural Pennsylvania. Barbara does not like cemeteries. As Johnny teases his fearful sister, taunting “They’re coming to get you, Barbara”; a man can be seen stumbling in the distance. As the man approaches, something appears to be not quite right. The man is actually the first of many zombies in George Romero’s horror classic, Night of the Living Dead.

Johnny is the first victim that we are aware of in the film and Barbara is left to fend for herself. She runs to the car but Johnny had the keys. She puts the car in gear and drifts down the hill. It looks as if she may make it when she collides with a tree. Barbara sets off running. She stumbles upon a farmhouse where she runs into Ben.

Ben has mad survival skills and he boards up the house (with a little help from Barbara) and creates a fortress.

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Continental Distributing released Night of the Living Dead to theaters on October 4, 1968. George A. Romero directs the film which stars Duane Jones, Judith O'Dea, and Karl Hardman.

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One Comment

  1. Being a black female, I would say it was just the irony that he survived the night and just happen to be the first one they saw in the morning. I do understand that maybe during that time in our history, they might’ve rethought it, but I do think they might not have been looking at it from that angle. I took no offense to it. It’s been the running joke that a black man is the first one to go in these types of movie. So him being the last one to survive, is an irony in itself. Or is it according to Alanis M. 🙂

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