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Nothing But Trouble (1991)
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Nothing But Trouble (1991)

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Directed By: Dan Aykroyd
Starring: Chevy Chase, Dan Aykroyd, and John Candy

Nothing But Trouble 30-Second Summary

Chris Thorne is a financial publisher living in New York City who meets attorney Diane Lightson. She gets him to drive her to Atlantic City to yell at her ex-boyfriend, Bruce. Chris’ two clients, the Brazillionaire brother and sister Fausto and Renalda overhear their plans, and invite themselves along.

During the drive, Chris is pushed into taking a scenic detour which takes them to the little town of Valkenvania. He runs a stop sign in the shady town which gets everyone arrested by officer Dennis Valkenheiser. He takes them to his grandfather, the 106-year-old Judge Alvin Valkenheiser, and he gives the group a speedy trial. The Judge confiscates their ids and their lives.

The Brazillionaires manage to escape by striking a deal with Dennis to let him come along with them back to Rio. Chris is forced to marry Dennis’ mute twin sister Eldona while Diane plays cards with the Judge’s deformed grandchildren Bobo and Lil’ Debbull.

Eventually, Chris and Diane escape via train, and tell the state police about their ordeal. The police agree to get a warrant and raid Valkenvania. They ask Chris and Diane to accompany them which they do. Unfortunately for our heroes, the state police already know all about the Judge and condone his unorthodox ways. Chris and Diane manage to escape again when an underground coal fire flares up, and destroys the town.

The Brazillionaires end up back in Rio de Janeiro with their new head of security (and quite possibly Renalda’s new boyfriend), Dennis. Chris and Diane go back home where Chris sees a news story on TV about the fire. He’s horrified to hear that the Judge has found his license with his NYC address, and that the Judge plans to live with Chris, his new grandson-in-law in New York. Chris runs off in horror, and breaks through his wall, leaving a hole in it like a cartoon character.


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  • Lei

    I remember watching this on a Sunday afternoon. It was so weird, but for some reason I was entertained. I haven’t watched it in over 10-15 years. I should try again, with a drink on hand. The one thing that stuck out was the hot dog eating scene. I don’t think I can ever unsee that

    • moviehousechris

      The film definitely doesn’t hold up. It’s a shame too because it has a lot of actors I like. Make sure your drink is a 32-ouncer!

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