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Operation Pacific is a war movie. Or maybe it’s a romance film. I’m not sure, and neither is the film.

The movie follows the naval adventures of Lt. Cmdr. Duke Gifford, a career naval officer in the middle of World War II fighting the Japanese navy. Duke has dedicated his life to the sea, and has even given up on his marriage to the much younger, Mary Stuart. Mary lost her husband to his mistress, which is long, phallic, loves to be wet, and is full of seaman. And no Lori, it is not what you are thinking. Duke’s mistress is his submarine, the Thunderfish, which coincidentally is Chris’ porn stage name.

The Thunderfish is having some trouble. In addition to being constantly hunted by the Japanese navy, the Thunderfish is shooting blanks. I mean, the sub’s swimmers are not hitting their target. Boy, are we lucky that Chris is not on the episode to talk about symbolism. Essentially, the problem is the torpedoes are not blowing shit up when they should.

After Duke’s commander and best friend, Pop, is killed, Duke is assigned shore side to solve his little problem. While he is stationed in Hawaii, he renews his interest in Mary Stuart, who is leading on…I mean dating…Pop’s younger brother Bob, a Navy pilot. Bob doesn’t like Duke, mainly because Duke seems to do everything better than Bob. But the hatred grows after Pop’s death due to the fact that Bob believes that Duke is responsible for his brother’s demise.

Eventually Duke and the Thunderfish work out their little…problem, and they head out to sea. There, they sink some more Japanese navy ships, and save some shot down airmen, namely Bob. Now Bob thinks Duke is a swell guy. The Thunderfish heads back to Pearl for a hero’s welcome. Duke reunites, possibly permanently with Mary, and everyone lives happily ever after. Except for Pop.

Theme Song “God Bless John Wayne” by Lowell Shyette
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